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April 18, 2021

President Iohannis, criticised for statement on election results

The statement President Iohannis made on Tuesday, in Luxembourg, on the result of the local elections in Romania, has inflamed spirits and has generated a wave of reactions and criticism from several political leaders.


Dragnea: Iohannis’s statements, an affront to Romanians


PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Tuesday that the President’s statements about the June 5 local elections represent “an affront” to Romanians and that Klaus Iohannis probably talked about PNL, a party that paraded with “red herring” candidates in the local elections.

“I have to note he talked soon after the elections. He made an effort to talk, albeit two days later; it’s an effort worthy of appreciation. Apart from that, I believe he talked about PNL, in my opinion. Maybe in Brasov, in Tulcea, in Targu Mures, where they had red herring and secretive candidates. In what concerns the Romanians’ vote, I will never take the liberty to criticise Romanians who are voting one way or the other. This, in fact, is an affront to the Romanians who voted, not to parties. A party may do wrong, but the citizens are those who decide. And I don’t think anyone in this country or in another country has the right to reprimand Romanians for voting a certain way. I still believe we have the right to vote in Romania, I still believe. Of course, hope is no longer that strong, but we still have this right, theoretically,” Dragnea said.

That was the PSD President’s answer when asked for his opinion on the statements that President Klaus Iohannis made on Tuesday in Luxembourg on the issue of the local elections and whether those statements represent “a slap” administered to political parties.


Ponta: He enjoys the pleasures of the office and considers himself superior to the rest of Romanians


Ex-Premier Victor Ponta stated on Tuesday that President Klaus Iohannis is enjoying the pleasures of the Head of State office but is not at the same time taking on the prerogatives of a President, adding that his attitude shows that he considers himself superior to the rest of Romanians and he acts accordingly, News.ro informs.

“I have always criticised, especially in recent years, a certain arrogant and improper attitude on the part of Mr. Iohannis toward the Romanian people and toward regular people. Including the fact that, still, the most important thing in Romania on Sunday were the elections, there was a red code warning for floods, there continues to be a pharmaceutical drugs crisis, not to mention the deaths of the babies, and Mr. Iohannis never has any kind of position on this, which makes me believe he is not interested in these problems,” ex-Premier Victor Ponta stated on Tuesday.

He said Iohannis has an attitude that shows he considers himself superior to all the other Romanians and he behaves accordingly.

“He enjoys the pleasures of the office of President, but he doesn’t take on the prerogatives too, namely the work aspects, and it’s normal to criticise him for this. He has an attitude which shows he considers himself superior to the rest of Romanians and he acts accordingly. I believe it’s something everyone has noticed. You don’t have to be his opponent, or his supporter, you just have to be a bit objective,” Ponta added.


Udrea: I’m surprised Mr. Iohannis is not ashamed to criticise


MP Elena Udrea commented on President Klaus Iohannis’s first reaction after the June 5 local elections too. She told the President that “he should talk even less than he usually does.” Asked for her comment on President Iohannis’s statement after the June 5 local elections, Elena Urea stated that nobody would suffer if the President were to not talk at all.

“I’m surprised Mr. Iohannis is not ashamed, considering his position toward what happened in these elections. To attack and criticise those who ran for office while being probed by prosecutors, bearing in mind that he ran in the presidential elections with an incompatibility case pending, which was postponed at the Supreme Court until he became President and was then closed. And concerning the confidence he has in the judiciary, we saw it when he asked for a legal case he was involved in to be transferred to a court where he hoped he would have won. He should talk even less than he usually does and I don’t believe anyone would suffer if he were to not talk at all, at least when it comes to the judiciary and politics in Romania,” Elena Udrea stated on Romania TV.

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