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June 24, 2021

Congratulatory message of Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Portugal’s National Day: Portugal is a true and reliable friend of Romania

The celebration of the National Day of Portugal, on the 10th of June, provides us with the great pleasure to convey our best wishes to the Portuguese people.

It is also the Day of the Portuguese Communities and the day when we remember the great poet Luís de Camões, the revered author of The Lusiads, Portugal’s national epic poem, celebrating Portuguese history and achievements, mainly the 15th century Portuguese explorations, which brought so much fame to this nation.

Portugal is a true and reliable friend of Romania, enjoying much appreciation among our compatriots. The excellent level of our current relation is based on the common Latin origin our peoples share, as well as on a fruitful dialogue and on an increasing cooperation, which cover mainly political, military, economic and cultural aspects. The ascending trend in our relations was positively impacted by Romania’s accession to NATO and EU and has been strengthened in the recent years, especially since 2014, when we celebrated 40 years since the resumption of our bilateral diplomatic ties, after the Portuguese Carnation Revolution.

The political dialogue had a peak momentum in June 2015, marked by the state visit of the President of Portugal to Bucharest. On this occasion, the two sides confirmed their will to further develop the bilateral relation and to seek new opportunities of cooperation in all the fields of mutual interest.

The economic exchanges between Romania and Portugal have increased constantly in the last years, similarly to the Portuguese investments in our country, especially in construction and energy areas. We strongly believe that the current situation of Romania – its economic growth, along with the opportunities it provides for the foreign investors – will convince more entrepreneurs from Portugal to see it as an attractive destination.

The real interest of the Portuguese partners to strengthen the bilateral economic cooperation was adequately illustrated by the President´s remark, during his visit to Romania: ”The economic relations between our countries have increased significantly, but we think we can do a lot more”, as well as by the organisation of the Business Forum ”Romania-Portugal: opportunities of cooperation”, on the occasion of the visit.

Furthermore, we wish to emphasize the excellent level of cooperation between our countries in the military field. Romania and Portugal are developing a solid partnership within NATO, assuming and implementing their commitments as responsible countries and reliable allies in the complex security context we are facing today.

Within the EU, Romania and Portugal share the support for a united and solidary Europe, which should strive to come closer to its citizens and offer them equal opportunities. We strongly believe that a more united Union, fully grounded on the respect of its fundamental values and principles, is the answer to the challenges now and for our common future. The lack of divergence between our countries helps us coordinate and support efficiently each other on matters of interest on European agenda and thus contributing to the process of defining the future of the European project.

The cultural dimension is undoubtedly a very important component of the overall relations between our countries, as it reveals so many similarities between us, about the way we experience life, bringing us even closer in thoughts, acts and feelings. In this respect, the success which the on-going event called ”100 years of Romanian painting”, organized in Lisbon, has had so far, is remarkable. About 50,000 visitors are estimated to see the exhibition until its closure.

We cannot overpass an important aspect for the two peoples, namely the presence, on the territory of Portugal, of a significant number of Romanian citizens. They form a strong and vibrant community, very much engaged in the economic and social progress of Portugal. We are thankful to both Portuguese authorities and people for their positive attitude and for easing the Romanian community´s integration in Portugal.

Today, the fast development of our interconnected world reduces distances between states and people. We are deeply interested to enhance our relation and strengthen our friendship with Portugal. We are closely linked by historical and cultural ties and by a common present which will lead us to a more secure and prosper future in the European Union, acting together, along with all 28 EU states, for a more united and cohesive Europe.

Feliz Aniversário, Portugal!

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