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February 25, 2021

Fingerprint authentication at UniCredit’s Mobile [email protected]

Consistent with its permanent innovation and digitalisation strategy, UniCredit Bank has continued to develop its Mobile [email protected] application, recently adding new benefits for its clients. As a result of successive developments, UniCredit’s Mobile [email protected] represents one of the most advanced products of its type currently on the market, offering users the possibility of carrying out a wide range of operations directly from their mobile phone and showcasing at the same time a modern and user-friendly interface.

Thus, clients who have compatible phones will now have the possibility to select the option of signing in the application by having their fingerprint scanned, without the need to introduce the PIN code. This functionality, similar to the one used to log in on the phone (for compatible terminals), enhances security standards while at the same time improving user experience.

At the same time, the interactive map included in the app in order to give users the possibility of identifying the closest UniCredit ATM has been extended, now giving users the possibility of locating all UniCredit Group ATMs, regardless of the country in which they are.

“We want as many of our clients to start using UniCredit’s Mobile [email protected] app, because it is a useful instrument that simplifies their lives and interactions with the bank, allowing them to carry out various banking operations from wherever they are and at any hour. It’s a product we, UniCredit Bank, strongly believe in and which we want to transform into the “spearhead” of our offer for natural persons. The fact that we are on the right path is proven by the feedback we have so far received from clients –the number of users the Mobile [email protected] application registered at the end of Q1 of 2016 was four times higher than the one registered in March 2015,” stated Alexandru Mihalache, Head of Multi Channel Banking at UniCredit Bank.

In May 2016, UniCredit extended the functionalities of the Mobile [email protected] app, giving clients the possibility of carrying out directly from their mobile phones the following operations: payments, bank transfers, payment of utility bills, currency exchanges, the possibility to open bank deposit accounts, real-time access to the transactions carried out, the possibility to view the savings and loans status and to demand new products.

The development of the app will continue. In the future, users will be able to access an expenditures management module that will help them establish maximum monthly expenditures caps, to monitor whether they respect them and to set savings targets.

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