Official statistics: Jan – April industrial turnover up 4.3 pc YOY

Romania’s industrial turnover in the first four months of this year registered an overall growth (domestic and external market) of 4.3 percent from the similar period of 2015, under the combined effect of the 5.3 percent growth in the manufacturing industry and the decline by 21.8 percent seen by the mining and quarrying industry, shows data released on Friday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).
April’s industrial turnover was 1.4 percent less from March in nominal terms and 9.3 percent higher from the same month of the year before.
The major industrial groups to see growth were durable goods (+20.7 pc), capital goods (+10.2 pc) and FMCG (+6.9 pc), while the groups to see a decline were the energy industry (-14.8 pct) and the industry of intermediate goods (-0.3 pc).
In April 2016, the total industrial turnover was 1.4 percent down in nominal terms from March 2016 due to the decline seen by the mining industry (-10.3 pc) and the manufacturing industry (-1.2 pc).
By major industrial groups, a drop in turnover was recorded in the durable goods industry (-4.7 pct), the intermediate goods industry (-3.1 pct), the capital goods industry (- 1.4 pc) and the energy industry (-1.2 pc). The FMCG industry advanced 1.8 pc.
April’s industrial turnover advanced 9.3 percent y-o-y due to growth in the manufacturing industry (+10.6 pc). The mining and quarrying industry plunged 23.8 percent.
By major industrial groups, there was growth in the industry of durables (+25.3 percent), the industry of capital goods (+14.7 pc), the FMCG industry (+11.7 pct) and the intermediate goods industry (+3.4 pc), while the energy industry saw a decline by 0.9 percent.

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