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February 26, 2021

Average number of pensioners down to 5.273 million

The average number of pensioners decreased by 16,000 from the previous quarter to 5.273 million in Q1 2016, the National Institute of Statistics announced Monday.

The average monthly pension was 942 lei, up by 5.4 per cent from Q4 2015, while the average state social insurance pension was 930 lei; the ratio between the average nominal net pension of state social insurance for old age with full contribution stage (without tax and without health insurance contribution) and the average net earnings was 56.4pc (as compared to 54.0pc in the previous quarter).

The real pension index as against the previous year, calculated as the ratio between the nominal pension index and the consumer prices index, was 106.2pc.

The total ratio between the average number of state social insurance pensioners and the one of employees was of 9 to 10; this ratio varies widely countrywide, from only 5 employees to 10 pensioners in Bucharest to 17-to-10 in Teleorman County.

The social insurance pensioners represent the majority ( 99.9pc) of the total number of pensioners. The state social insurance pensioners represent 88.8% out of the total insurance pensioners. By categories of pensions, the number of social insurance pensioners was represented mainly (74.6pc) by the number of old age pensioners. The anticipated and partial anticipated old age categories of pensioners represented 2.0pc.

The average state monthly social insurance pension shows significant territorial disparities, with a gap between the minimum and maximum value of over 400 lei (748 lei in Giurgiu County as compared to 1179 lei in Bucharest).
In the first quarter of 2016, he total number of beneficiaries of Government Emergency Order no 6/2009 regarding the minimum guaranteed social pension (social indemnity) was 563,100 persons, of which 451,200 from state social insurance system, representing 9.6pc out of the total pensioners in this category, and 111,900 persons from the former system of farmers, representing 25.7pc out of the total pensioners in this category.

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