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October 26, 2021

If people don’t think, we think for them

What happened on June 5 is fascinating.

And if it wouldn’t be pathetic, it would be sweet. A bitter sweet, it’s true.

I must admit and confess as honest as possible that in front of the infinite potential of the Romanian nation (the one in which I am honored but also unhappy to be included) to drop a brick and to have the most weird and unpredictable options in terms of life and, not at last, of politics, everybody remains perplex and totally confused, as in front of a grotesque show of illusionism.

As for the Romanian political phenomenon… what else can we say?!

It’s absolutely magnificent by the total lack of logic and meaning which it reveals closely with the great national egregore.

After all of us have assisted to the indisputable victory of the Romanian Left in the local campaign (moreover, some of us even directly participated to it), there is time to draw the line and to start again in the well-known manner of the block of salt , or of Petrica, the one who is always shouting that the wolf is coming, but he is finally eaten by that much-awaited wolf.

After all the redeeming tornado which came over Romania in the last months before the campaign, after a campaign which didn’t exist anywhere else but in the minds of those who do and undo things in the underground and at the top of the politics, after all of us assisted to a great circus of the Right which was fidgeting and shaking to death, in the most ridiculous and incredible possible ways until it took out from the little and almost inexistent political hat which it still has today, that candidate to be sent in the wilderness of the politics to fight the great red devil of the Left, after the unexpected and unpredictable rising over the night of a new political topper which intended to be the corolla of light and hope for better, coming from the political Right for Romanians during this campaign (USB), and after a lot of cheap political box matches offered instead of the electoral campaign to the entire confused and dizzied nation, between Left, Right and anyone who realized the great diversion of the moment, now we got to where we’ve gone.

As I was saying in my previous editorial, the result on June 5 is a sort of circle with dramatic but hilarious tones from place to place. Or, as they say, you can run but you can’t hide. But, as everybody can easily notice, Romanians do not want at any price to get rid of the oppressor whom, apparently, they began to love and with whom they identify themselves beyond the hate that they declared so determined and so angry since 27 years ago until today.

This “Stockholm” pathology makes me remember the amazement and the disgust that I’ve experienced in my childhood, when asking a certain woman why doesn’t she separate from her abusive husband, the answer was: “… well… sometimes, when a man is beating his wife, it means a great sign of love…”.

People don’t want anymore the neo-communist Left to dominate the politic and social life of the country. But the same people choose to massively vote the political Left, with more than 90 percent of the votes.

People declare themselves to be quasi-Liberal and democrat by its orientation toward West and by the mimetic absorption of all that it means the so-called western democracy and its’ indisputable benefits.

Instead, people cannot vote with the Right.

Because Romanian political Right exists only by her name today, and only in the nostalgic historical memories.

And, since nobody invented yet a real possibility to go back in time and to vote the party of the Bratianu family or the one of the Conservatives from the pre-war and interwar periods, all that we can vote at the Right side of the politics is… a great “nothing”! A “nothing” with strong tones of PSD influences and with firm directions of transformation, by turning a somersault three times, in a mushroom farming with mini and micro opportunist political groups, who would call themselves in any way and do whatever it takes to get a warm and comfortable seat at the table of power.

People abounds of disgust and accuses years after years the whole octopus of the local political corruption, expressing their anger in all the possible ways, whether they are real or virtual, demanding justice to be done, and the actual political hydra that’s eating us alive since around 27 years, to be disbanded.

People go to the polls on June 5 and enthusiastically vote the famous politicians who are accused of crimes such as corruption at high level, electoral fraud, abuses in their quality of high dignitaries of the country, influence peddling, bribe, etc., etc., harder and bigger even than their “almighty god” beings of the large Romanian political brotherhood.

People decide and they are sovereign!

But people are obedient, humble and hesitating in taking the major decisions in the single moment in which the entire power is in their hands: the voting day.

The only gesture that people can do is to not vote.

Well, even this gesture was anticipated and included in the agenda of the great political coterie.

I mean the one owning the secret by which even the dead people and the phantoms or even those yet unborn are still included on the voting lists with a “pro” stamp on their side.

A single voting tour. One shot, as the Chinese would say. Doesn’t matter what percentage will make the elected one to be the winner.

Thus, Mrs. Gabriela Firea wins the Capital with only 13 real voting percents in her favor, out of the 30 percent of people effectively voting in Bucharest. So, it’s possible!

Of course it is. Actually, why wouldn’t it be?!

Anything is possible with the people’s support and by making a remarkable number of political illusionism whose secret is skillfully owned and manipulated by the victorious leader of the Left, namely Mr. Liviu Dragnea.

Now people have time to recover from the confusion coming from the political heat of the last week and to count the results of the next 4 years.

Besides, people have to deeply breathe and prepare for the next round of dark political comedy.

Because in less than 5 months, the same people having the right to vote will be called in front of the ballot boxes again, to express their following political option at the parliamentary elections.

But as Ion Iliescu said right after the elections, when he was asked about his opinion on the result that PSD will get in the autumn: “… I don’t have any doubt. I only hope to get even better results.”

Therefore, if even the creative and thinking genius of everything that exists, existed and will exist in terms of politics in Romania since ’89 until today, doesn’t have the smallest doubt on the result of the elections in autumn, why would people have any kind of hope or doubts on the mentioned result?

And the certainty is proved by Mafalda’s visionary perspective of Mr. Iliescu, the one who, looking over time, as he already got us used, launches a single rhetorical thought: “If Mr. Dragnea will be or not the next Prime-Minister of Romania in the next Government”

And no, there is not even the slightest trace of interrogation in the mind of the old political visionary man. It’s a certainty depending on the wish and the option that Mr. Dragnea will express at that moment of his full glory.

As they say, if people don’t think, we think for them.


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