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April 21, 2021

Nicusor Dan stands firm, rules out electoral alliance with PNL

Save Bucharest Union (USB) leader Nicusor Dan, who announced that he will form the Save Romania Union (USR) in view of the parliamentary elections next autumn, is standing firm and is refusing to reach an agreement with PNL.

Dan stated he is ruling out an alliance with “PNL as it looks today,” and it is too early to say whether he would collaborate with a PNL led by Dacian Ciolos, reproaching the Premier with being head of a Government that has Petre Toba, suspected of plagiarism, among its members.

“For the time being, seeing how PNL looks today, we are ruling out any alliance,” Nicusor Dan said when asked on Digi24 if he is taking into account forming an electoral alliance with the Liberals in view of the parliamentary elections next autumn.

“You know, Mr. Ciolos is a reasonable person, however at this moment he is head of a Government that includes Mr. Toba,” Nicusor Dan said, adding that he maintains his previous statements according to which it is too soon to express an opinion on such a possibility.

Clotilde Armand however seemed more open toward such a scenario, however she was cautious too: “It would be a good direction, but we don’t know… I believe in his honesty, I believe he is an honest person,” stated the USB candidate who finished second in the race for the Bucharest District 1 Mayoralty.

On Sunday, Nicusor Dan stated at a talk-show that he wants the future USR to win 10 percent in the parliamentary elections and that when the party is established there will be internal elections for the party leadership and he is willing to take a step back if Clotilde Armand wins more support.

“Speaking strictly formally, there will be a merger between USB and USR. At that merger, logically, we will have elections, we will decide then,” the USB leader stated when asked on Digi24 whether the future party will have him or Clotilde Armand as its president.

“We do not plan to have branches in all Romanian cities and communes, we plan to have branches only where people who want to change things are active. It’s unreasonable to think we will be able to invent people everywhere. (…) For the time being, I believe we are answering one of society’s needs, there is a public disappointed with everything that the political class has meant so far, it’s true that it’s more of an urban public,” Dan stated.

Present at the same show, Clotilde Armand stated, referring to a possible bid to take over the leadership of USR, that she wants nothing for herself but if Nicusor Dan asks her, she will get involved in the party’s leadership.

“I would be very happy for there to be so many people that I could retire to doing mathematics. If people appreciate Clotilde more, I will take a step back at any moment,” he stated.


“Iohannis made the mistake of negotiating with parties behind closed doors”


In what concerns President Klaus Iohannis’s performance, Nicusor Dan said that immediately after he won his term in office he said that the only way of imposing on political parties things they do not want to do is to force through public debates with wide media coverage, so that society’s will would be clear and the parties would commit to things they normally do not commit to because of their survival instinct.

“Klaus Iohannis did not take part in this debate. He made the mistake of negotiating with the parties behind closed doors and then it was visible, he lost his main trump card – people’s confidence. (…) Klaus Iohannis gradually exited the stage, he no longer has the upper hand in front of political parties. On the other hand, through his position on topics such as corruption or public management he was not the promoter of those deleterious ideas that come from political parties,” Nicusor Dan added.

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