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February 25, 2021

Rasnov Citadel will turn into a historical monument with a lot of museum spaces and exhibitions

Rasnov Citadel, one of the most visited historical monuments in the Brasov County, will enter into the most large museum restoration, preservation and improvement project, called “The sustainable restoration, preservation and revaluation of Rasnov Citadel – Whestern Precints – and performing the ancillary infrastructure”, announced in a press conference on Friday, the Rasnov Mayor Adrian Vestea and the County History Museum of Brasov, the historian Nicolae Pepene.

“It’s one of the most important projects related to museums in Brasov County and even in Romania, because Rasnov Citadel, as we can see, has an increasing influx of tourists, and I believe it’s necessary for the fortress to benefit of such a project. The project was designed, we got the approvals from the Culture Ministry and we are ready to submit it in order to obtain the grant. The total value of the project is EUR 3.9 million, including VAT. It’s a project that totally solves all the requirements for the restoration of the Rasnov Citadel and for creating the corresponding exhibition spaces. I believe this is the project that closes the circle which Rasnov has approached by creating a recreation facility as attractive as possible for the visitors of the city, if we also take into account the other objectives fulfilled until now, namely the elevator going from the center of the town to the fortress, Dino Park, the Sports facility for ski jumping on Valea Carbunarii, rehabilitation of Rasnov’s historical center “, the Mayor Adrian Vestea stated.

The historian Nicolae Pepene said that after restoration of the Rasnov Citadel, there will be a historical monument with a lot of museum spaces, with attractive spaces and heritage pieces.

“We’ll have more spaces for the festivals and concerts held in the citadel, we’ll have special spaces for living history, we’ll try to implement this concept of historical restoration, these live history lessons in Rasnov Citadel, it’s a sort of national premiere and, very important, we’ll have a cultural agenda for children, for students, not only during the periods designed to be “A different kind of school”, in order to bring children into the citadel. We hope to develop special programs during the holidays, because we cannot use the Western Precincts right now, not even half of its spaces. We were forced to create a secured visiting circuit, but when the fortress will be restored and improved with the entire ancillary infrastructure, we will certainly have a very rich and important activity. We could even think to have visiting circuits during the night, since the law allows us to have them. After accomplishing this project, Rasnov Citadel will need only preservation and maintenance works, for a very long time” stated Pepene.

Within the project there are planned a series of intervention works to the constructions included in the Rasnov Citadel – Western Precincts, as well as designing the ancillary infrastructure which has to support the interventions. The interventions are related to restoration, preservation, safety, sanitation, indoor and outdoor landscaping, vertical systematization, revaluation and signage works.

The Mayor of Rasnov mentioned that if the project will not be approved, it will be implemented using money from the local budget. This autumn we will know if the project will receive funding and, most probable, works will start next year and they will last for two years.

Since the beginning of 2016 until June, Rasnov Citadel was visited by 123,598 tourists, compared to 87,074 tourists in the same period of the last year, said Vestea.




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