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February 28, 2021

“Wisdom of the Earth” can be visited at the National Bank of Romania Museum

The sculpture “Wisdom of the Earth” by Constantin Brancusi will be exhibited at the National Bank of Romania Museum, being transferred on Friday from the Cotroceni Museum, in order to be more accessible to the public at large.

According to a press release issued by the Government, the decision has been taken by the Culture Ministry and the Executive together with the owners of the art work, in order to make the famous sculpture to be more accessible to the public at large.

Brancusi’s work can be visited for free starting on June 16, the action being performed within the supporting campaign for the national subscription for purchasing the sculpture by the Romanian state.

The press release mentions that Omniasig covers the expenses of the insurance policy for protection of the work until the end of the campaign.

“The campaign for purchasing the art work called “Wisdom of the Earth” by Constantin Brancusi is also an approach of educational nature. The fundraiser campaign will stimulate awareness both at the level of the public cultural institutions and of the civil society, concerning the meaning of the art and artist in the society. The campaign will bring a high cultural matter on the agenda of the public opinion, and Brancusi and his work will be subject of the public debate, which is so necessary in the today society. A subject having a cultural, symbolic and identity nature will be highlighted on the public agenda. To assume the responsibility of this campaign is an act of courage for the Government. It’s a campaign which involves a lot of risks and symbolic responsibilities” stated the Culture Minister Corina Suteu, quoted by the press release.

The great sculptor’s work can be admired from June 16 to July 8, from Monday to Friday, between 10.00 am and 6.00 pm; starting on July 11, “Wisdom of the Earth” can be seen according to the normal visit program of the Museum, which is published on the National Bank of Romania’s website.

“It’s a natural thing to host this work of Brancusi, which we appreciate to be part of the Romania’s Treasure, into the National Bank Museum during the national subscription campaign. This space, full not only of history, but also of priceless cultural values is, indeed, the best place for the ‘Wisdom of the Earth’.  We expect all the art and history lovers to take this unique opportunity and thus to bring a tribute to our great sculptor” stated the head of service at the National Bank of Romania Museum, Olga Voinea, according to the press release.

The President of the OMNIASIG Vienna Insurance Group Directorate, Mihai Tecau, mentioned that the attachment towards the Romanian values, correlated to the personalized insurances capacity (…) made them to involve in the campaign for “Wisdom of the Earth” and to support the costs for the work’s insurance. “The assessment and the insurance of such a work is a complex action, it doesn’t happen every day to insure Brancusi, and we do it with excitement and responsibility” said Tecau.

Purchasing “Wisdom of the Earth” can be made by a joint effort of the Romanian state and of the citizens: the amount of EUR 5 million was already allocated by the Government and other UER 6 million must be collected through the voluntary contributions of the individuals and of the legal entities until latest on September 30, 2016.

The list of the personalities who already supported the public subscription campaign include Doina Lemny, Mircea Cărtărescu, Dan Perjovschi, Mircea Cantor, Alexandru Tomescu, Vlad Alexandrescu, Tudor Giurgiu, François Saint-Paul (the French Ambassador Franței in Bucharest), Oana Manea, Alexandru Dedu. Also, in the video advertising, the following personalities have delared their support: Maia Morgenstern, Oana Pellea, Victor Rebengiuc, Andrei Plesu, Iuliana Tudor, Melania Medeleanu, Irina Pacurariu, Dragoș Bucurenci, father Constantin Necula, Mariana Lungu, Dan Amariei, Matei Oprina, Cristiana Mongol Stancu, Iv the Naive and Virgil Stanescu.


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