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May 13, 2021

Ex-president’s brother, sentenced to 4 years in prison

Mircea Basescu, brother of ex-president Traian Basescu, has been sentenced to 4 years in prison, final executory sentence. The Bucharest Court of Appeals made the ruling on Thursday, deciding to uphold the ruling made by the Constanta Court. Mircea Basescu has to turn himself in immediately.

Mircea Basescu has been convicted for influence peddling in a case in which the family of underworld member Florin Anghel (a.k.a. Bercea Mondial) is also involved. Constanta Court’s decision to sentence defendant Marian Capatana to 3 years in prison for complicity to influence peddling, executory sentence, has also been upheld.

The Constanta Court of Appeals has also decided to confiscate EUR 265,000 from Marian Capatana and has repealed the court order according to which this sum should have been confiscated from Mircea Basescu.

The court has also decided to lift the levy placed upon Mircea Basescu’s assets.

Judges have ruled also to suspend the two defendants’ right to be elected to public office or any other public authority positions and the right to hold offices that involve the exercise of state authority. On the other hand, the court has rejected as groundless Florin Anghel’s request to be paid back the EUR 600,000 that his relatives claimed they had paid Mircea Basescu as bribe.

In January this year, the ex-president’s brother was sentenced to 4 years in prison, executory sentence, in the case in which he was tried for influence peddling. The sentence however was not final and it was challenged. Mircea Basescu was accused of getting EUR 250,000 from Bercea Mondial’s family in return for interceding with judges in order for the latter to come up with a favourable ruling in an attempted murder case.

Mircea Basescu was placed under pre-trial arrest in June 2014. In November 2014, he was placed under house arrest.

Mircea Basescu vehemently denied the charges throughout the trial.

“In what concerns the sentencing of my brother, I have no comments, this being a final court decision regardless of what I believe. It’s a final decision that sentences him to four years in jail, but at least the Constanta Court of Appeals has rejected the damages claims from what I understand,” Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook.

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