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April 20, 2021

“Inspirados por Portugal”, exhibition held at the Embassy of Portugal in Romania

Within the meeting of the Portuguese community in Romania which took place on the occasion of the Portugal National Day, the Embassy of Portugal in Bucharest hosted a Romanian painting and sculpting exhibition.

The exhibition called “Inspirados por Portugal” gathered paintings and sculptures performed during the three artistic residences organized within “The Contemporaries” Project in Portugal: “Madeira. The Island of the Eternal Spring”, Madeira Archipelago, 2014; “Seven Days at Redondo”, Redondo, 2015; “Redondo, Swallows Nest”, Redondo, 2016. The twenty paintings and sculptures, inspired by the Portuguese landscape, are signed by twelve Romanian artist attending within the three artisitic residences: Florin Ciubotaru, Teodora Coltofean, Dorin Coltofeanu, Corina Dobre, Ion Grigorescu, Ruxandra Grigorescu, Sorin Iosub, Elisabeth Ochsenfeld, Christian Paraschiv, Mircea Roman, Andrei Rosetti and Mihai Sarbulescu.

“To see again familiar places and landscapes through the eyes of a foreign artist is like you were making a new discovery, like you were starting a real and salutary adventure. Twelve Romanians have traveled in Portugal, and now they invite us to a journey through the images they have gathered, through the light and color they kept, through the spirit they managed to bring with them by the memories they transposed into their paintings, united into a wide exhibition due to the variety of styles and perspectives. I would like to underline the importance of this exhibition through its dimension of intercultural experience, an opportunity of the dialogue it represents: an artistic one and also an institutional one, without any doubt, but especially a human one. Living together in a foreign country allowed the Portuguese to know a group of Romanians, and the latter to discover Portugal and the Portuguese. Bridges have been created and doors have been opened” said João Bernardo-Weinstein, Ambassador of Portugal in Bucharest.

“The Contemporaries” is a project designed and developed by the Founders Associations (Asociatia Fauritori) which aims to value the today’s Romanian Culture by facilitating the creative act, approached from the same perspective that the author has. “The Contemporaries” project has the objective to support the artistic, social and cultural activities: international cultural exchanges, various artistic events, painting camps, education of the public’s aesthetic sensibility.

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