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April 17, 2021

Critical of Gorghiu and Blaga, Paleologu and Bodea excluded from PNL

Lower Chamber member Theodor Paleologu (photo) and Senator Cristian Bodea have been excluded from the National Liberal Party (PNL), PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu announced. The decision, challenged by the two, was adopted at the party’s National Standing Bureau (BPN) meeting on Wednesday.

Paleologu and Bodea have lately been some of the most critical voices toward the PNL leadership, against the backdrop of the poor result that the party registered in the local elections.

“We discussed about the two exclusions, they were put up for vote; I’m sorry to say but the two colleagues have been excluded following our colleagues’ vote,” Alina Gorghiu stated on Wednesday after the BPN meeting.

Senator Cristian Bodea had made several sarcastic public statements about the party’s leaders and President Iohannis, whom he called “Romania’s grand ayatollah,” and he also criticised the results of the local elections.

PNL Lower Chamber member Theodor Paleologu had publicly criticised PNL’s leadership several days before the local elections. His main reproach was that his party colleagues were disrespectful toward Nicusor Dan.

“What I’m reproaching my PNL colleagues with is that they do not respect Nicusor Dan, in private talks they always treat him as a wimp, a sucker, PSD’s lure and so on. This is very grave,” Paleologu had stated for RFI.

After the results of the exit-polls were revealed, the Liberal wrote on Facebook that PNL’s current “lamentable” leadership should leave as a result of the disaster in Bucharest, labelling Cezar Preda and Alina Gorghiu’s statements about Nicusor Dan as “brazen idiocies.”

Paleologu then accused Co-Presidents Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga that their statements about PNL’s score in the local elections were “not just lies, but bald-faced lies.” He also asked senior PNL member Mircea Ionescu Quintus to retire because he had praised Gabriela Firea and had attacked Nicusor Dan. In what concerns the possible cancellation of his party membership, he called it part of “the PNL leadership’s series of idiocies,” stating that Alina Gorghiu, Vasile Blaga, Cristian Busoi, Theodor Atanasiu and Cezar Preda are the ones guilty for the disaster in Bucharest and they will bring PNL to below 8 percent in Bucharest.

The latest episode took place on Monday, when PNL Vice President Raluca Turcan stated that it is “revolting” that those who slept and smoked cigars during the elections campaign are now lecturing the party on the elections. MP Theodor Paleologu retorted by saying that “what is revolting is handing over Bucharest to PSD, as the PNL leadership did.” Cristian Bodea’s response took the form of an ad hominem, the Senator accusing Raluca Turcan of campaigning “on soft couches in Bucharest.”

“Based on the Statute they copied from PCR [Romanian Communist Party], they can kick me out even for having a beard. So it all has to do with common sense and Liberalism. It’s a test for the party, it will be proven whether L comes from Liberty. If not, I’ll ask them to change their acronym to PNO, O from Obedient. I will show up at the BPN so they could tar and feather me. So they could feel like roosters on top of a ramshackle henhouse. But I know Pilate has already reached a verdict,” Senator Cristian Bodea told Agerpres before the BPN meeting.


Theodor Paleologu, before and after local elections:


*On the evening of the elections day, after the polling centres closed: “Cezar Preda and Alina Gorghiu’s statements according to which Nicusor Dan is allegedly PSD’s lure and accomplice are now seen for what they are: brazen idiocies.”

*In January 2016: “It seems to me we are tackling the local elections in Bucharest in a completely flippant and even suicidal manner. It’s not just about the candidates. First of all, PNL should do penance in sackcloth and ashes for backing Oprescu. Wasn’t he the candidate of the former PNL? So half of PNL should do penance in sackcloth and ashes for backing Sorin Oprescu. Likewise, the acting mayors nominated after Sorin Oprescu was suspended are lamentable, it’s contempt for Bucharesters.”


Cristian Bodea, the day after the elections:


“The PNL leadership has to be changed, killing Blaga or Alina alone is not enough, there has to be a party conference in which the whole leadership should be changed. New faces and new people are needed. I did not ask for Iohannis to resign, I asked for us to distance ourselves from Iohannis. We are talking [expletive] in Iohannis’s place, we lack personality. All those cheerleading within the party are guilty, all 100 vice presidents, because a party has leaders.”

“In Bucharest, the result was predictable since last autumn, when they came up with the ‘Busoi – the President’s man’ poem. I told them Busoi does not fit the candidate profile for Bucharesters. Bucharesters need a slick guy. Gabi Firea, although a woman, is a slick woman and this is what they voted for, this is what they respect. We wanted to come up with an obedient little boy who rose in the hierarchy because he stood obediently by someone’s side all the time, not because someone noticed him and he won votes.”


Paleologu after exclusion: Abusive decision taken by false leaders


The decision adopted by PNL’s BPN is a typical reaction from “false leaders,” from political leaders who lack the sense of responsibility, and is an abusive decision, Theodor Paleologu stated for Agerpres on Wednesday, after the Liberal leadership decided to cancel his and Senator Cristian Bodea’s party membership.

“These are different cases. Mr. Bodea and I did not say exactly the same things. I’m the one who has warned the party for a long time, constantly, about the risk of shamefully and lamentably losing in Bucharest. That’s exactly what happened. What happened proved me right. What happened today is the typical reaction of false leaders, of leaders who lack the sense of responsibility, who do not see, do not understand what is happening and whose only reaction is to kick out from the party the person who was right. Normally, if these people were true leaders they would have rolled out the red carpet for me and would have placed the PNL Bucharest branch under my management. I’m the only one who can restore the party in Bucharest, because I understand this city well and I said exactly what we should have done in order not to lose Bucharest,” Paleologu said.

The Liberal lawmaker added that PNL “could have avoided losing Bucharest” in the June 5 local elections and accused PNL’s leadership of handing over the Capital to PSD and Gabriela Firea. “They are the ones who handed over Bucharest to PSD – Alina Gorghiu, Vasile Blaga, Busoi and particularly Cezar Preda, who, by setting the tone of Catalin Predoiu’s campaign, did a huge disservice to the party, completely discrediting it for the months to follow,” Paleologu stated. He added that “under its current leadership, PNL will fall below 8 percent in Bucharest,” calling this a “prophecy.” “I was the only one who could have restored the situation. They have irredeemably sawed off the branch they were sitting on,” he added.

The Liberal avoided saying whether he will challenge the BPN’s decision, but pointed out that he was going to consult his lawyers later that evening. “Obviously it’s an abusive decision. It’s absurd to kick someone out not only just for having an opinion but, moreover, for having a correct opinion that was validated by events. It’s a huge abuse, this decision lacks any kind of statutory basis, being stupid and knavish alike in what concerns political ethics,” he stated.

Paleologu claimed that he is not considering moving toward a different political project. “I’m minding the classes I teach, the Paleologu foundation radiates culture and knowledge in society. I believe I am doing an extremely important thing for Romanian society with my classes. Too bad the leaders of our party are so dense when it comes to any information of quality, they don’t understand what is happening in Bucharest. As I was saying the previous weeks, we have a lamentable leadership and today’s decision confirms the lamentable character of this leadership that is guiding us straight to an even bigger disaster than the one registered in the local elections in Bucharest,” Paleologu concluded.


Bodea: They believe they are leaders but they hit behind the back


Senator Cristian Bodea came out charging after his PNL party membership was cancelled. The former Liberal is revealing unprecedented details from within the party and is attacking party leaders Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga. Bodea believes that the two have a secret plan with which they want to radically change things within PNL.

“Neither Ms. Gorghiu nor anyone else informed me. I’m hit in absentia. They believe they are leaders but they hit behind the back. They realised I was right. They destroyed the party. They will hoodwink Ciolos or other independents to take a step back so they could pull the strings, or they will bring Basescu for them to be three co-presidents. They are unable to score above 10 percent in opinion polls but they want to lead a party of 40 percent,” Bodea stated.

“I have the right to talk only when Klaus Iohannis gives me that right? I complained that my bosses Blaga and Gorghiu did not do their job. I don’t care that Gorghiu or Blaga calls me. Alina Gorghiu wants to get rid of the word ‘liberal’ after she compromised it,” Bodea emphatically stated on RTV.


Bodea, unprecedented attack on Iohannis: Nice cover for dictatorship, Kaiser!


Bodea also launched an unprecedented attack against President Klaus Iohannis, thrashing him on Facebook.

“This is how uprightness and sincerity are rewarded within PNL. Congratulations, Cristi! They shot themselves in the foot. Pilate has ordered, they blindly carried out the order! When your case file is waved in front of you at Cotroceni you don’t really have a choice, regardless of the big party president you claim to be. But this does not excuse their “achievement” of destroying the party. But the Kaiser doesn’t need smart people, he needs obedient ones,” Bodea stated.

The former Liberal’s attack did not stop there. His barrage did not exempt the PNL leaders. “And, just like this, Milica [Emil Constantinescu] II will destroy a historical party in his turn too. And Alina Gorghiu will be used centuries from now to illustrate the term “puppet.” While Vasile Blaga will docilely sit in the chain of blackmail for as long as they need to keep captive the members of PD. What’s missing is for them to draw Basescu into the cage at Cotroceni too and the plan to manipulate the Right Wing would be complete. I’ve finally understood what being “popular” means, as a doctrine: to shut up and carry out orders! Cool cover for dictatorship, Kaiser!” Bodea concluded.

At the end of his message, Cristian Bodea posted the picture of an obscene gesture.

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