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May 13, 2021

Miele founders: Romania continues to be very attractive for investors

+ The German company is represented in Romania by Miele Appliances and by Miele Tehnica electronic subassemblies factory in Brasov


These days, Dr. Reinhard Zinkann and Dr. Markus Miele, the Miele founders and owners, were present in Romania, one of the few countries where the Germen producer of appliances is present both through the sales and distribution division Miele Appliance and through a components factory, Miele Tehnica from Brasov.

“Romania is for Miele one of the countries with the most quick growing rhythm in the world. Last year, we’ve grown by 64 percent and the trend continues this year, too. Romania continues to be very attractive for investors, and Miele is studying the expansion on this market, in the context of a positive development registered in the last years”, Dr. Markus Miele stated.

According to Miele’s appraisals, in the next three years the appliances market will continue to register increases of at least 10 percent per year.

“The appliances market in Romania is growing up year after year, and compared to 2007, when we’ve opened our operations with Miele Appliances, we can notice an even higher attention coming from the consumer, for quality, premium design and cutting-edge technology. Here, at Miele, we have set our main goal to have, besides the most reliable products, also the most advanced technologies in the matter of premium appliances, before all others”, Dr. Reinhard Zinkann stated.

Miele Tehnica started its production in September 2009 in Brasov, providing Miele company with the necessary of electronic components and subassemblies for the control units of the intelligent appliances through which Miele became famous.

In August 2015, also in Brasov, it was launched the Software Developing Division. Within this division there are performed software programs for an extremely wide range of appliances and professional Miele products.

Dr. Reinhard Zinkann and Dr. Markus Miele were present in Romania to launch the first refrigerator in the world with black sheet on which you cand draw by the chalk.


Key functions of the Blackboard Edition


Blackboard Edition is part of the K20.000 refrigerating appliances generation, which is different by the others thanks to its design and minimalist features. Refrigerators in the new range provide the Click2Open function, without blocking at the opening, offering an XL interior for an additional space and comfort. The large interior allows the user to load the refrigerator even with a baking pan.

Another feature introduced for the first time by Miele is the additional drawer “CompactCase”, in which you can store small articles, tubes, canned food or glasses.

The refrigerator’s design doesn’t implies handles, being a new trend in terms of design, which was underlined by the two Miele founders and owners, who were present for the first time in Romania.

Miele is the largest independent premium appliances producerin the world. At the global level, the company has more than 17,700 employees, being present in 47 countries through its own sales subsidiaries and in 50 countries through its distributors and importers. During the 2014-2015 tax year, it performed sales amounting a total value of EUR 3.5 billion.

Established in 1899, Miele company was from the very start a family business which belonged to the Miele and Zinkmann families (who are at the fourth generation today). The company’s philosophy – “Immer Besser” (“Always Better”) – reflects in all Miele products, through the invested passion.






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