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April 10, 2021

Scorching heat, thermal discomfort and high atmospheric instability, starting Friday

The National Weather Administration (ANM) on Thursday issued a thermal discomfort, scorching heat and high atmospheric instability advisory, valid starting Friday at noon.

According to meteorologists, in the interval June 17, 12:00 – June 18, 23:00, there will be both periods of scorching heat and high atmospheric instability.

Thus, on Friday, June 17, there will be hot weather in most regions, with scorching heat to be recorded in the west, centre and south of Romania, and on June 18, the scorching heat will persist in Muntenia and in the west and south of Oltenia. The maximum temperatures will range around 35 degrees Celsius, with even 37 – 38 degrees to be witnessed locally, in the Danube Meadows.

The thermal discomfort will be high in most parts of the country, and the temperature-humidity index will frequently and locally exceed the critical threshold of 80 units in the plain and plateau areas.

At the same time, starting with Friday afternoon, the atmospheric instability will gradually grow in Crisana, Maramures, Transylvania, Banat and the north of Moldavia, and in the rest of the country on small areas. In the areas in question there will be showers, frequent lightning and short-time wind gusts, shortly turning into storms.

In remote areas, there will be heavy rains, hail, and the water volumes will exceed 15 – 20 litres/square metre.

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