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December 5, 2022

Invited to join National Liberal Party, PM Ciolos gives trenchant response: “I will not join any party before this Gov’t’s tenure ends”

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos on Tuesday reiterated that by the end of the tenure of his government he will not be joining any political party, nor will he create a party.

“I have said it very clearly that I have undertaken the office of Prime Minister under certain circumstances; I made a clear commitment and I have to repeat each month things that I have said since the very beginning and I want to say it once more, hopefully for the last time. I have given my word and I am keeping my word: I said I wouldn’t join any political party, I wouldn’t create a political party and I wouldn’t run in the general elections before the tenure of the government ends. That is what I can tell you (…) what I have committed to do,” Ciolos said at the end of a meeting with the National Liberal Party (PNL) leadership at the Palace of Parliament.

Asked if he rules out this possibility after his term in office ends, the prime minister said he does not know, because he has no hidden projects or hidden agenda.

“I don’t want to make any statement about what will happen afterwards because I simply don’t know. You should understand that I am just a man and nothing else and that I have no hidden projects, that I have no hidden agenda and that in November I undertook a mandate which I see fit to carry through with honesty, to the best of my power. Why should we plan on doing other things when certain things need solving now and I have pledged certain things?” Ciolos added.

Asked about the complaints that PNL raised during the talks, Dacian Ciolos mentioned “the way some Government representatives acted at the level of prefectures,” but also public administration.

However, “we cannot replace everyone in just a few months’ time,” Ciolos said after a part of the press speculated that PNL is allegedly dissatisfied with the fact that some PSD representatives have been maintained within the administration.

“The problem is not sacking some people, but replacing them with people that would be apolitical and professionals,” Dacian Ciolos stated.

PNL leaders met Premier Dacian Ciolos on Tuesday evening, at the Palace of Parliament, in a meeting in which several central and local party leaders expressed their dissatisfaction with a series of Government actions.

The complaints have to do with the fact that, the Liberals claim, PNL is being held responsible for everything the Ciolos Government is doing. They reproached the Prime Minister that the Government is unable to communicate efficiently.

“There weren’t calls to account, but signals raised by colleagues in relation to ministers’ failures. I find it unnatural for a minister (the Agriculture Minister – editor’s note) to be blamed for a real situation and for him not to be capable of explaining that this Government is not to blame for this problem, the previous Government is, and he did not present a timetable for solving it either,” PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu stated on ‘Adevarul Live.’

“Obviously we, PNL, are being held responsible for just about everything that this Government is doing. People perceive the Ciolos Government as being the PNL Government, which is not at all true. (…) Sometimes the Government, despite being animated by good intentions, failed to communicate that all measures are good,” she added.

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