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August 9, 2022

Sopra Steria and Teamnet, partners for delivering transformational logistics programme for NATO

NATO selected Sopra Steria to deliver a transformational logistics programme, as consortium leader. The Logistics Functional Services programme provides improved interoperability across multiple functions, utilising existing platforms and open systems.

Sopra Steria, a European leader in digital transformation, was selected by NATO to deliver the Logistics Functional Services (LOGFS) programme. The programme will deliver interoperable logistics capabilities across multiple functions including mission planning, asset and consignment management, medical support and movement and transportation planning. In delivering the medical support and movement and transportation planning components, Sopra Steria is collaborating with Teamnet Group.

Extremely comprehensive in nature, the LOGFS programme is key to NATO’s long term goal to transform logistics chain management and will deliver operational, technical, management and financial benefits.  The system will enable authorised staff to view and manipulate accurate logistics data, information and images in a modern Geographic Information Systems (GIS) environment.

It will enable NATO forces to plan their resources effectively and collaboratively, respond rapidly to fast changing situations, and provide better support for troops in theatre. For example, it will provide the capability to control the movement and enable tracking of NATO assets, thereby enabling accurate and effective planning.  It will support collaboration between NATO national forces through the timely sharing of accurate logistics information. It will deliver accurate patient information and tracking to medical teams which will support medical evacuation from the point of wounding to the home base.

Sopra Steria’s approach to the LOGFS architecture uses Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), supporting Coalition IT interoperability and re-use of existing platforms. It will utilise Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products which address NATO’s requirements and offer benefits in terms of the total cost of ownership. The system will deliver full integration into NATO’s suite of back-end services and systems. It will fully support NATO’s security policies and standards to enable rapid, secure and flexible setup of IT services for NATO directed coalition operations.

Sopra Steria brings a wealth of experience of delivering complex Defence Logistics programmes across Europe and will be working to deliver this contract in partnership with a team of experts in specific fields.

Among the solutions provided by Teamnet for this project, the company will deliver patient workflows design, coordination, control and tracking within the medical chain, diagnostics and disease monitoring, as well as predictive analysis.

The LOGFS programme benefits from Teamnet Group’s expertise in implementing a major part of the national 112 emergency management system in Romania, and also from the know how behind its suite of emergency management products.

Teamnet Dedalus has a fast growing team of experts in medical software and competitive eHealth products, built on validated platforms, through implementation in 15 countries and more than 600 hospitals.

Teamnet Group is also involved in the Movement and Transportation (M&T) component of the project. The company will create software applications that support the entire range of movement related activities, including planning, analysis, and execution of NATO movement and transportation operations.

The standardisation and timely exchange of M&T information is key to the success of complex movement operations, especially to facilitate the coordination between the many deploying forces, when transportation resources such as strategic lift assets and infrastructure are limited, must be shared or are restricted in their use.



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