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May 24, 2022

Dumitru Dragomir, sentenced to 7 years in prison

The Bucharest Court has sentenced Dumitru Dragomir, former head of the Professional Football League (LPF), to 7 years in prison, executory sentence. The sentence was passed on Thursday in the case in which he is accused of tax evasion and embezzlement in relation to the sale of broadcasting rights.

The court decided to force Dumitru Dragomir and two other defendants to jointly more than RON 1.3 M in damages, and for them and the LPF to jointly pay over RON 12.1 M in damages. Likewise, the Bucharest Court upheld all levies enforced in the case. The sentence is not final and can be challenged through appeal.


Ex-minister Relu Fenechiu, prosecuted for influence peddling and money laundering


DNA Ploiesti prosecutors are probing ex-Transport Minister Relu Fenechiu for influence peddling (continued offence) and money laundering, offences he allegedly committed while he was Lower Chamber MP.

Relu Fenechiu was taken from the penitentiary to the headquarters of DNA Ploiesti on Thursday morning, in order to be informed of his status in the lawsuit and the charges brought against him. He is currently serving time following a sentence passed in the “Transformer” Case.


Puiu Popoviciu, sentenced to 9 years in prison, executory sentence


Businessman Puiu Popoviciu was sentenced on Thursday to 9 years in jail in the “Baneasa Affair” Case. The sentence is executory but not final and can be challenged through appeal.

Puiu Popoviciu was indicted by DNA prosecutors in December 2012, alongside 11 other defendants.

The businessman is accused of complicity to malfeasance in office.


 Former minister Teodorovici, heard at DNA


Former minister Eugen Teodorovici went on Thursday morning to the headquarters of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) for hearings.

Upon entering the DNA offices, Teodorovici said he was summoned as a witness to make a statement in his former capacity as European funds minister, in connection with a case in which parliamentarians Nicolae Paun and Madalin Voicu are investigated.

He also claimed that all those who had met him at the Finance Ministry left without any breaking of the law.

“All those who came at the Finance Ministry back then left without any breaking of the law. I was invited [at the DNA] as a witness in Lower Chamber MP Nicolae Paun’s case file. I told prosecutors that all those who met me at the Finance Ministry – regardless whether they were lawmakers, mayors – left just as they came, meaning without any breaking of the law,” the former minister said, agerpres.ro informs.

Asked what kind of help did Nicolae Paun ask of him, Teodorovici said Paun presented a “difficult” situation. “He presented a difficult situation in relation to the project they were working on. I no longer recall what the exact discussion was because there were very many requests for talks at the Finance Ministry’s level. That was the situation back then,” he added.

According to fragments from the report on whose basis the DNA requested the lifting of the two lawmakers’ immunity, MP Nicolae Paun had asked MP Madalin Voicu, in May 2015, to facilitate his access to the Finance Ministry’s leadership, in order to discuss with it a draft law on the cancellation of health insurance contributions in the case of certain categories of natural persons.

Paun had also sent a text message to the Finance Minister, pointing out in it what draft law he was interested in. “Sorry to bother you, I’m Nicolae Paun; it concerns draft law no.286/2015 on the cancellation of health insurance contributions in the case of certain categories of natural persons – it’s a Government project. Yours sincerely, Nicolae Paun,” the text message read.

Nicolae Paun also contacted the National Tax Authority (ANAF) in order to obtain the cancellation of health insurance contributions owed by some categories of persons, as shown by a discussion he had with ANAF Vice President Mihai Gogancea-Vatasoiu.


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