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February 27, 2021

PSD President Liviu Dragnea on possible merger between UNPR and PNL: A great trick!

PSD President Liviu Dragnea claims that the National Liberal Party (PNL) plans to “trick” UNPR in the negotiations on the merger of the two political parties.

“Why doesn’t UNPR understand what is the great trick PNL is presenting them with? (…) The plan is to trick them with the merger (…) and after the merger – let’s say it does take place, although they [PNL] are yet to complete the PNL-PDL merger – to tell them that in fact 18 seats cannot be offered, not even 10. They could give one or two seats to someone from UNPR’s leadership, they would not be interested in the rest, because this is the known style. If UNPR takes a decision within reasonable time, we can continue the talks without any kind of problem. If not, we will struggle on our own and that’s that,” the leader of Social Democrats stated.

Dragnea said that the Social Democrats’ offer for talks with UNPR remains open.

“I’ve understood that PNL wants to offer them 17 or 18 seats. UNPR has 40-something MPs. For us it matters. I would find it unnatural and unfair on my part to negotiate with UNPR and to tell them: “I’ll give you 10-15-20 seats.” And what about the rest? And each one of the UNPR MPs hopes to be included in those 20. Our offer for talks remains open. We have all summer at our disposal to talk, to settle things and to see how each MP integrates within our organisation,” Dragnea stated on Thursday for Dcnews.ro.

Political sources revealed for Antena 3 that PNL and UNPR will merge through absorption, with a single party being set to take part in the general elections in the autumn. UNPR President Valeriu Steriu stated on Tuesday on Antena 3 that he dismisses these press allegations. “I had talks both with Mr. Dragnea as well as Ms. Gorghiu and Mr. Blaga, tackling all options for alliances in the autumn,” Valeriu Steriu said.

Asked whether PNL proposed a merger, the UNPR President did not deny it. “There were various types of options discussed with PNL in what concerns an alliance, a merger. They were all analysed,” he said.

According to ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ daily, which cites Liberal sources, President Klaus Iohannis is allegedly behind the negotiations between PNL and UNPR, the goal being to replace Mihai Razvan Ungureanu at the helm of SIE [Romania’s Foreign Intelligence Service]. Thus, UNPR will join PNL MPs in the move to replace Ungureanu at the helm of SIE.

President Klaus Iohannis and SIE Director Mihai Razvan Ungureanu are having tense relations, the latter being absent from several important events. Iohannis allegedly has asked Ungureanu to resign and the SIE Director has refused, one of the causes that led to a cooling in their relations being the fact that “MRU has been bragging that he will be the future president starting in 2019,” something that discomfited the Head of State, political sources told Hotnews.

Liberal Honorary President: “There are no merger agreements”

Mircea Ionescu Quintus, PNL’s Honorary President, stated on Wednesday evening on Realitatea TV that there are no intentions to merge with any party. “I want to assure our listeners and the Liberals that nobody from the party’s leadership is willing to compromise the party,” PNL’s Honorary President said.

“These are feelers on the part of the PNL leadership, there are no merger agreements,” Mircea Ionescu Quintus said, adding that the moment an agreement is reached with any party he will announce it.

PNL’s Honorary President also pointed out that the party has carried out a series of mergers that have led to its strengthening and that such partnerships will be formed only if PNL stands to gain.

“Our only thought is to secure a number of MPs and majority within county councils. Consequently, the party will only undergo mergers conducive of its interest,” Mircea Ionescu Quintus pointed out.

According to him, talks for support in parliament have taken place and opinion polls will be ordered before any merger in order to see what the party stands to lose and gain.

In what concerns PNL’s results in the local elections, Mircea Ionescu Quintus stated that PNL suffered a grave defeat in Bucharest, a defeat that the party recognises.

Last but not least, Quintus warned that breaking up the partnership with PNL would be disastrous.

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