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March 8, 2021

Merger between PNL and UNPR, closer to fruition

After around two weeks of more or less relevant rumours concerning a possible electoral alliance between UNPR and PNL, it seems the Social Democrats have lost patience and have decided to run in the parliamentary elections on their own.

Liviu Dragnea has announced that his party will no longer cede any places on its ticket.

“It’s clear the merger between UNPR and PNL has been established. (…) Eventually, PSD will continue to struggle on its own in these parliamentary elections too. We will no longer offer places on our ticket because we no longer have whom to offer them to,” the Social Democrat leader stated for ‘Jurnalul National’ daily.

PNL members have lately stated that the talks over a possible merger are normal and are far from fruition, while UNPR President Valeriu Steriu has dismissed the allegations that an agreement with PNL has been reached. On the other hand, he has accused PSD of disloyal treatment during the local elections campaign, according to Digi24.

Dragnea added that he offered Steriu a merger proposal but the latter allegedly declined it.

“This means that he probably had this alliance with PNL in mind ever since he was elected [party] president,” Dragnea concluded.

The UNPR leader has a different version and accuses the Social-Democrats of being the first to betray, according to the aforementioned source.

“The fact that precisely during these months in which such a protocol existed, a protocol which says that MPs are not to be transferred from one party to the other, we’ve had 12 MPs that have left, shows who was fair and who wasn’t,” Valeriu Steriu (photo) said.

Last week, PSD President Liviu Dragnea claimed that PNL plans to “trick” UNPR in the negotiations on the merger of the two political parties.

“Why doesn’t UNPR understand what is the great trick PNL is presenting them with? (…) The plan is to trick them with the merger (…) and after the merger – let’s say it does take place, although they [PNL] are yet to complete the PNL-PDL merger – to tell them that in fact 18 seats cannot be offered, not even 10. They could give one or two seats to someone from UNPR’s leadership, they would not be interested in the rest, because this is the known style. If UNPR takes a decision within reasonable time, we can continue the talks without any kind of problem. If not, we will struggle on our own and that’s that,” the leader of Social Democrats stated.

Political sources revealed for Antena 3 that PNL and UNPR will merge through absorption, with a single party being set to take part in the general elections in the autumn. UNPR President Valeriu Steriu stated on Tuesday on Antena 3 that he dismisses these press allegations. “I had talks both with Mr. Dragnea as well as Ms. Gorghiu and Mr. Blaga, tackling all options for alliances in the autumn,” Valeriu Steriu said.

Asked whether PNL proposed a merger, the UNPR President did not deny it. “There were various types of options discussed with PNL in what concerns an alliance, a merger. They were all analysed,” he said.

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