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May 13, 2021

A Government’s draft law: The Royal House becomes legal entity and an administrative service financed by the state budget

The Royal House of Romania could become a legal entity and could benefit from an administrative service financed by the state budget, in order to fulfill its public attributions.

Also, the Elisabeth Palace (photo) could be assigned to the Royal House for free usage – while the Romanian state preserves its right of public property.

All these provisions are included in a draft law initiated by the Government’s Secretary General and published on the website.

According to the draft law, the position of Head of the Royal House of Romania will be acknowledged as a public dignity, including the attribution of adopting the Statute of the Royal House of Romania.

“The draft law predictably fits the public activity of the Royal House and establishes a constitutional available method of acknowledging its Head at the moment of the entrance in force of the law. All these activities will be under the Parliament’s control and the Head of the Royal House will have to annually submit a report to this end”, it is mentioned in the explanatory memorandum of the draft law.

It is also considered that the taken actions “are necessary to continue the activity of a symbol-institution whose leader was the head of the state for a period of 81 years from the Romania’s constitutional history, while since 1947 until today it consists in a landmark of morality, continuity and representativeness of its nation and values”.

The Government appreciates that the social impact of promoting such a draft law will be a positive one, given that by acquiring legal personality and means of cooperating more closely to the state, the Royal House will be able to continue and extend its public activities in the benefit of Romania.

There is also mentioned in the explanatory memorandum that the law is in accordance to the Romanian Constitution “since there are not any privileges established in its regulatory content and it does not aim to cause the review of the Constitution in terms of the form of government”.

The Head of the Royal House of Romania will be acknowledged at the moment of the entrance into force of the law by the Statement of the two joint Chambers of the Parliament, according to the quoted document.

PM Dacian Ciolos announced one week ago, that the Government is working for a long time in order to create a legal framework regarding the role and the attributions of the Royal House in the Romanian society.

“We are already working with the Royal House since a several weeks ago, following some ideas and suggestions coming from their side; we are working on such a proposal and I am glad to hear that Mr. Dragnea could also support such an approach. Of course, we will have to discuss about the details, but there was this request from the Royal House to establish a legal framework which should define in very clear and precise terms the role and the contribution which the Royal House can have within the Romanian society. We will come with some ideas, some suggestions and, of course, the proposal will be subject to the parliamentary debate”, Ciolos stated in a press conference held at the Government’s headquarter.

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