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February 26, 2021

Minister Cristian Ghinea has notified DNA related to the procurement contract of the software that manages the environmental funds

The European Funds Ministry led by Cristian Ghinea (photo) demanded the prosecutors to check the manner in which the information system from the Management Authority managing the environmental European funds was procured, through a contract in value of EUR 38 million, according to Digi 24.

European Funds Minister Cristian Ghinea stated: “Our legitimate suspicion is that there was created a contract only in order that a specific company should take this project, which is not right at all. There is a consortium which includes also the company called One Expert belonging to Mr. Sebastian Ghita. The ones that are directly signing the contract are not the ministers; there are pressures made by the management authorities and the contracting party is the management authority. This is what we can prove related to the route of the documents; further, if it was intended or not… it’s the prosecutors’ job to find out”.

The deputy Sebastian Ghita stated that he has no connection with the company called Expert One Research and that he will sue the Minister Ghinea.

In a letter published on Wednesday, Cristian Ghinea, former state councilor of PM Dacian Ciolos and the current European Funds Minister, accused the Ponta Government of being inefficient in the matter of the European funds absorption.  He asserted that the delays in starting the works on the Pitesti – Sibiu Highway were caused by Victor Ponta, who cancelled the auction in 2012, as well as the lack of an information system for a transparent management of the European money.

In the public letter, Cristian Ghinea has brought into question the matter of the computerization of the administration: “Mr. Ponta, not to give a damn on the Romanian people is to take over the information system of the country, to use it in your own interest, to confuse and to humiliate the citizens by making them walk from a state institution to another. In the non-bureaucratization process started by the Ciolos Government we’ve often met improperly designed information systems, who were inefficient and expensive and especially unable to communicate between them. When asked how it came to this, the public officers shrug their shoulders and whisper: ‘Ghita’”.

The current European Funds Minister has given the example of the Unique Information Management System for Structural Instruments (SMIS), because SMIS ensures the connection between the Romanian authorities and the European Commission: “SMIS is vital, because only within an interactive digital platform the route of each eurocent can be followed, from the moment of contracting funds until the last expense account from the European Commission. Searching in trucks of papers not only that doesn’t allow this thing, but it even hides the real destination of the money. You knew since 2013 – through the Regulation of the European Parliament No.1303 – that we need an operational IT system to solve the European money transparency. You had two years to solve this need. You didn’t do it. Was it because of not knowing about it, or because you didn’t want to do it? Do you know what the employees in the Ministry that I took over whisper about the computerization when you were in charge? Yes, you guessed: ‘Ghita’”.

In reply, the deputy Sebastian Ghita said that Minister Ghinea doesn’t understand anything of what the European Funds absorption mechanism means: “Romania has already lost EUR 6 billion and it will lose more EUR 3 billion this year. The responsible persons are the jokers who claim to be technocrat called Raducu and Ghinea. I am also convinced that in the European Funds Ministry, Ghinea is being fooled since morning to evening. The public officers have already get that they have a amateur chief. A person who doesn’t know anything about the institutions of the Romanian state, and who is not well trained. It’s impossible to be a good minister if you don’t know the national mechanisms and the EU mechanisms. I agree that Romania needs an Integrated Information System in order to facilitate and control the launching of the calls for proposals, the project submission, their analysis, as well as the contracting and control. MFE (European Funds Ministry) doesn’t have such an information system today. So I don’t clearly see what Ghita has done at MFE. However, I have stated since 3 years ago, every year, that Romania will not be able to manage anymore the billions coming from EU only with a pen and a sheet of paper. I could explain to Mr. Ghinea anytime he wants, what an information system helping absorption means, where this kind of systems have been built in Romania in the last 10 years and how these components can be integrated. But until then, I would like to tell him that many of us are tired to see how he uses malice and lies to hide his incompetence. These technocrats haven’t started any European project yet. Not even a coin was used from the EU funds. And they will not use it within this year. Meanwhile, most of the Romanian IT companies are close to bankruptcy. Thanks to those incapables, in the following 12 months, Romania will not have any IT industry. I would advise Mr. Ghinea to leave us alone and stop talking and spreading hate, and to start working. I have enough of these people wanting to be leaders and ministers, but not knowing to do anything.”

Victor Ponta has also reacted to the Minister Cristian Ghinea’s accusations, stating that the “technocrats” Government prepares to quit the scene in the most pathetic possible way, being obvious that they are not capable of anything and that their results will be disastrous by the end of the year. At the same time, Ponta asserts that the technocrats have decided in the last moment to find responsible persons for their incompetence.

Moreover, Ponta stated that the “technocrats” are incompetent, unreliable and that they do nothing else but politics, “and even a very poor quality politics”.


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