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June 23, 2021

PM Ciolos: We can turn Brexit crisis into new opportunities for Romania

Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said Monday that Romania can turn the crisis triggered by Brexit into a moment of new opportunities, referring mainly to setting up a new country project to be supported by all political forces, Presidency and Government.

“Certainly, crisis moments such as this one [the Brexit] are also moments for new opportunities. In such moments, it is important to make very clear and firm decisions and that is why the meeting we had at the end of last week, at the Presidency House, with the political party leaders seemed significant because the meeting can set the premise for a new country project even in an election year (…) or for some principles, values and measures that we should agree on, the country’s president, the current government, the political parties that are going to run in the general election and govern right afterwards, especially to turn this moment into an opportunity,” Ciolos explained in an interview to the public radio station.

He underscored that Romania there are currently economic, political and geostrategic opportunities for Romania, adding that part of rethinking the EU functioning, Romania has a chance to better state its points of view in Brussels, provided that it has a country project.


“Brexit will definitely have an impact on European budget”


The Brexit will also have an impact on the European budget the moment it comes into force, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos told Radio Romania Actualitati public station on Monday.

“The Brexit will definitely have an impact also on the budget the moment it comes into force (…), because until this exist is made formally by a decision on a European level, after negotiations, the UK will have to continue to contribute to the European budget, according to the current regulations. Therefore, the European budget in the medium run will need to be redesigned from this perspective and from others,” Ciolos said.

Prime Minister Ciolos pointed out that at the European Commission level various scenarios were being prepared to assess the developments in the European budget.

“I know that various scenarios were being prepared at the European Commission, to be discussed with the member states and Parliament, also for the assessment of the developments in the European budget (…), which should take place in 2017. (…) In the perspective of the decisions on the new European Union budget there will be rearrangements also from this point of view,” Ciolos added.


PM  about students in the UK: Institutional rights and obligations cannot be changed


Institutional and formal rights and obligations incumbent on the UK cannot be changed in respect to Romanian students studying in the UK, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos told Radio Romania Actualitati public radio station in an interview on Monday.

“Any institutional, formal rights and obligations incumbent on the British state (…) cannot be changed, because (…) the UK obeys the European regulations. Then, any (…) rights or facilities granted by British universities in a private system or where the universities use their university autonomy, are related to the respective decisions. However, I believe that the British universities will further be interested in attracting as many students from EU member states as possible,” Ciolos said in reply to a question about what would happen with the Romanian students in the UK.

The PM also said that until the completion of leaving the European Union, the UK will keep its obligations in regard to the European citizens, Romanians included.

“As long as the process of the UK’s leaving the EU isn’t completed through a formal decision of the European Council, the UK fully keeps the rights and obligations of an EU member state, therefore including those regarding the status of European citizens in the UK. (…) At present and in the coming period, until the negotiation process is complete, which we estimate to take up at least two years, the Romanian citizens, same as any other European citizens, keep their rights and obligations as European citizens in the UK. (…) The negotiations are not conducted separately by each member state with the UK, but at the EU level, and Romania (…) will fully play its role and assume its EU membership to actively participate in this negotiation process and certainly we shall have first in mind protecting and supporting the rights of Romanian nationals, including of those who live in the UK,” said Ciolos.



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