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January 17, 2022

President Iohannis details his mandate at European Council

The Romanian President will take part, on June 28-29, in the European Council summit in Brussels.

The results of the referendum that took place in the United Kingdom on June 23 will be the main topic on the European Council’s agenda.

According to a communique released by the Romanian Presidency, the Romanian President will convey a clear message concerning the need for unity and solidarity within the European Union, as well as his conviction that only by resorting to common action in the spirit of European values could the Union be able to overcome and best answer the current challenges.

At the same time, the Head of State will emphasise that Romania remains attached to the European project and fully committed to its further consolidation and deepening.

The Romanian President will express himself in favour of the necessity to rethink the European project. Thus, he will emphasise that regaining people’s confidence in the viability of the European Union, as well as countering nationalist, extremist and anti-European currents in order to avoid a repeat of such a process in other Union member states is absolutely essential.

Referring to the process of negotiations that United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union entails, a process Romania will take part in, the Head of State will emphasise that Romania will firmly defend the upholding of equality of rights among all Union citizens, including in what concerns the rights of Romanians living and working in the United Kingdom.

The European Council summit agenda will also include other topics, such as migration, economic issues and aspects related to the European Union’s foreign relations.

In what concerns migration, President Iohannis will welcome the stress laid on the external dimension of migration, an approach Romania has backed since the start in order to address the root causes of migration, and will plead in favour of continuing the implementation of the Agreement between the European Union and Turkey.

Concerning the economic aspects, the current European Council will mark the closing of the European Semester 2016, an extremely efficient instrument for coordinating economic and structural policies at the level of the European Union. Likewise, Specific Country Recommendations will be adopted.

In the talks on the European Union’s foreign relations, the European Union’s Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy will be presented. Likewise, the leaders of member states will discuss about EU-NATO cooperation, bearing in mind the upcoming NATO Summit in Warsaw in July, the Romanian Presidency communique points out.

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