The Romanian people and Brexit

I am wondering how passionate we, the Romanian people, are in pleadings and emotional involvements that we have to anything that happens to us, and especially to others.

Yesterday, on the occasion of the vote expressed by the British people on the British exit from the EU, the well-known Romanian people’s verbal vehemence pro and con this event reached a paroxysmal level.

Each and every Romanian, more intelligent or less… informed, so to say, old and young, advisedly or not (most of the time, unfortunately), felt that is his duty to comment the historical event taking place right in the heart of the edifice of the  great democratic brotherhood of the European states currently composing the large European community.

From my point of view, as a person living in this community and in particular as a Romanian citizen, I appreciate that being able to express your opinions and options related to everything happening in the world you live is one of the most important achievements of the democracy and one of the fundamental rights of the free human being – the right of the freedom of speech and the right to decide on everything is concerning your life and the life of the community you are a part of.

By the way, this is related to Mr. Dragnea and his extraordinary law of defamation and to other Romanian leaders who think that speaking in the name of a whole nation and expressing your opinion, something like: “… I have been informed by one and another that Romania is outside any danger and it keeps its path together with the other EU Member States… I am glad to see that all the party leaders (sic!!) agree this decision…”, represents the highest guarantor of the democratic free will of the Romanian people, spoken by the President of the country. A president who, for this nation, is a totally phantom-like creation, whose political prerogatives limit to issue the conclusions for the entire nation. But this happens in the absence of the people and of the direct consultations with them! As Mr. Klaus Iohannis has had promised that he will do, by the way, according to his electoral agenda of that moment.

Well, first of all, the referendum in the U.K. represents and underlines these fundamental rights directly translated into the freely expressed vote of the people’s will.

In simple words, this is called direct democracy.

Everything’s all right until now. But this extraordinary daring and mature gesture led the Romanian people to hysteria, to desperation or to a euphoria having profoundly naive tones, completely missing the argument of the common-sense which makes you to be reserved every time when you start counting the pie’s sheets and thinking that by the end of the counting you might give up eating the pie.

Yes, the times we live are extremely complicated, with a fast historical dynamic and with collective, continental and global consequences, whose impact almost instantly transposes in the life of each person living these moments.

And this huge historical masticator in which all of us are trapped, gives us the strangest and the most impossible to understand feelings and reactions.

Therefore, I heard yesterday absolutely shocking comments, opinions and conclusions on Brexit, coming (unbelievable!) from people who wish to be, most of them, opinion and image leaders of Romania.

It surely makes you to be astonished, perplex and totally shocked, to hear assertions like: “The vote given by the Brits today is a vote against Romanians!!” (?!), or “… that’s what Brits deserve if they let democracy on the people’s hand… they don’t have any idea on anything”, or “U.K. is a former great force…”, or the most frequent and frightening one: “Now, that U.K. goes out of Europe…”.

Well, what else to say in front of this tsunami of nonsense and absurdity which the tireless guns of the Media and of the virtual reality have poured like a flood directly in the Romanians’ heads and ears, when they were already dizzied by so much heat and so much mental excitement before such a crucial moment in the modern history of the world?

But the part that worries me personally the most (although I believe it should worry not only me, but it would seriously have to worry all of us who have the almost sacred duty to create correct information channels and to orient the collective mental to the truths beyond any cardboard facades, Media indoctrinations, sensational impressions or pseudo-patriotic enthusiasm, both pro- and anti- Europe), is the part related to the distorted perception of the most of the Romanians on what actually mean the world in which all of us are living and the mechanisms composing it at sight and beyond the ordinary man’s sight, beyond the sight of the people used to filter the information and to touch this world through some tools like TV, internet, printed newspapers (even if it’s a small part of it in Romania), or simply beyond the rudimentary small talk we have at a coffee on a terrace, at home, into the family, with the colleagues at work or anywhere else.

A well-informed person is a half saved person, as they say.

I would say that a well-informed person is a person who is more aware of what it’s happening and better able to take decisions for himself or herself and for the community he or she is a part of, in a mature, operative and applied manner, related to the real circumstances and to the present moment.

And this automatically translates into being balanced, as impartial and objective as possible in front of an event that is decisively affecting your present and especially your future.

But when you say that the vote of a nation and its options on the way it wishes to make the further history, a history which includes all of us and which will include the ones coming after us, many generations from now on, is a vote grounded on a chauvinistic, anti-European, anti-democratic, and especially, ESPECIALLY!! Anti-Romanian nature, this is already too much and it’s totally and fundamentally wrong for you as a human being and as a citizen of the same continental conglomerate of states.

The first and the great gesture of maturity and full understanding of the Brexit phenomenon in our view, in the Romanians’ view, would be to think at the following thing:

What’s wrong in what’s happening into the internal politics of Romania in the last 27 years, and what’s fundamentally wrong related to the political class leading Romania all this time, so that Romanian people have to emigrate in other European countries to find jobs and a better life for themselves and for their families?

Because, before judging on what others do in their countries and on their perfectly legitimate decisions concerning life, economy, EU membership or the option for a different internal and foreign policy, we should turn around and look carefully and with a profound maturity in our own yard, and to what happens to be right here, near us, not at a distance of thousands of kilometers from the place in which all of us live.

Before starting to analyze with enthusiasm and complacency which are the real political reasons behind the dispute between David Cameron and Nigel Farage regarding U.K.’s leaving or remaining into EU, or which is the extent of the occult involvement behind the British conservatives versus ultra-conservatives, or against the independents, or the Labour Party within the British Parliament, or which will be the evolution of the GBP on the stock market, on how Romania will be affected by the great historical earthquake caused by Brexit, we should look and analyze very carefully the whole completely aberrant political phenomenon currently taking place right under our nose, within the Romanian Parliament and inside the parties composing it, since these things have direct and serious consequences and implications, without any interference of Brexit, in our lives, the lives of those who still have remained to live, work and vote or not vote on the territory of this country.

Because not earlier than on Wednesday, June 22, the Romanian Parliament voted another aberrant and abusive law, without having the smallest trace of political and democratic common-sense addressed to all of us – The law on the decriminalizing the conflict of interest.

If until now, the institution of nepotism and of the political favor of any kind, established inside the Parliament of the country and at all levels of the state institutions, on our back and on our expenses, was a matter of gossip and veiled ostentation, although it was more than obvious for any sane Romanian person and having a minimum contact with the reality, now the politicians thought that it’s time to impose it and to unveil it by the law.

Behold, this could be one of the many reasons and answers to the question related to the lack of the decent and well paid jobs in Romania, as well as one of the great and serious reasons indicating more than clear and unambiguous what is the real concern of the local politicians for the good and welfare of the Romanians.

But this is not the first gesture of Romanian abuse and anti-democracy which the Romanian Parliament commits under the strict and direct guidance of the powerful people of the day and of the political important figures behind it, and it won’t be the last either.

Special pensions, the parliamentary masquerades for the vote on the removing of the immunity of the prosecuted dignitaries for corruption deeds and for influence peddling or money laundering, the law on defamation, Government’s ordinances issued on automatic fire in order to facilitate the political migration and the carriage of interests between parties, and so on, and so on, and so on, all of these things are obvious signs of parliamentary dictatorship and systematic demolition of any kind of democracy ever existing in Romania, as well as of abuse against the country’s citizens.

Until Brexit will start to demolish our wonderful and non-existent internal democratic construction, we should carefully check if this construction is nothing else but a huge and fatal illusion in which all of us have indulged since years ago, by an evil self-manipulation of the collective mental and by a continuous and completely autist orientation toward outside all the serious and chronic problems which we are facing at the inner level and which are actually creating the real and the big problem of being or not being a country and a nation pretending to be democratic inside EU.

How can we speak in a rightful, mature and motivated manner of the decision taken by a country having democratic traditions lasting since hundreds of years ago, being one of the foundation stones of the today’s united European construction, if we were living in a dictatorship not more than 27 years ago and if we continue to have right now a corrupted, abusive, oligarchic, punitive political class leading our country, a political class for which the term of “democracy” is similar to the one that the pigs in the “Animal Farm” have. “Are the pigs more equal than the rest of the animals?”

For Romanians, a referendum was another excellent opportunity to create a political diversion for Mr. Dragnea, PSD leader, who was meanwhile convicted for this thing; but this wasn’t uncomfortable to him and didn’t disadvantaged him in any way. On the contrary, I would say that it has created him a political saint aura, an image of a martyr of the nation, making his party to be voted this year, by the same Romanian people whose’ vote was stolen and who were ordinarily manipulated, as the “most meritorious” party to win the local-administrative elections and the seat of the Mayor of Bucharest.

ot to mention the incredible parade of penal political VIPs who applied for the mayoralties in the country in this campaign, and who (unbelievable!) have won while being jailed!

Therefore, anti-democracy and civic non-sense are home in Romania.

Why, then, and how can we launch ourselves in making analyzes on other countries, on other nations’ decisions, while lamenting in a pathetic and embarrassing way for the democratic injustices against us as European citizens?

Do another country and another Government have the duty to ensure the welfare and well-being of the Romanian people and on the right development of the Romanian democracy, more than we do, the ones living day by day in Romania?

Is anybody else forced to take decisions concerning our lives and our children’s lives, decisions that we will subsequently start to criticize and to comment with hatred and disgust, as in the story of the lazy man wishing somebody else to chew his bread?

Are other people responsible for our moral impotence and for our civic and political immaturity in such an extent that we should start to turn into a choir of ancient crying women at somebody else’s funerals, finding reasons and searching guilty persons for the self-caused disaster and for the incapacity of having a right stand in front of life and history?

Brexit is not the end of the European democracy or of the European Union. It is only a great and exemplary lesson given by the British people to all the nations of this continent and of the World, on what people’s will means, translated into the veto power on the way in which a nation is allowed to decide its’ fate by its own, either being a good one or a bad one.

Therefore, Brexit should make all of us to stop from continuously grinding at the talk mill and from issuing empty form opinions, urging us to ask ourselves (and to reflect) in the most serious possible way:

Are Romanian people able to determine by themselves their present and future inside the borders of their countries and abroad?

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