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March 2, 2021

Dragnea: “If Iohannis proposes a different Premier, we’ll have snap elections”

PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Romania TV that if PSD wins the parliamentary elections it will nominate a Premier. If the President rejects the nomination, the Social-Democrats will organise snap elections.

“The nomination of a puppet, if we win the elections, is impossible. I want to have and to continue to have a fair relationship with the President, today, tomorrow, next autumn, next year, over the following years too; but imposing a Premier is impossible. If we win the parliamentary elections and we manage to form a majority, that majority will go to Cotroceni with a nomination for the office of Prime Minister. If he comes up with a different proposal, we will vote against it in Parliament and we will go back with our nomination. And if he comes up with a different proposal, we will have snap elections. This is correct and constitutional,” the PSD President stated.

Liviu Dragnea hopes that President Iohannis would remain “just as constitutional” and would take into account PSD’s nomination in case the party manages to win the parliamentary majority in the autumn.

“After the elections, the parties and Parliament meet, manage to form a majority, go to Cotroceni with a nomination and the President takes note, he cannot do otherwise. I hope President Iohannis would continue to remain just as constitutional as he said he wants to be. It’s not a warlike statement, we’ve discussed this within the party. This is the correct thing to do. With all the risks entailed,” Dragnea added.

Asked about a possible impeachment, Dragnea said: “We won’t end up impeaching the President because it won’t be called for. We do not intend to do this, not now, not next year.”

Referring to a Constitutional amendment that would regulate the Prime Minister appointment procedure, Dragnea explained: “It was prepared in the Constitutional amendment draft (…) but I believe next year we will move forward with amending the Constitution, which would regulate this procedure too.”

Liviu Dragnea pointed out that PSD will not agree with the new Constitution offering enhanced prerogatives to the Head of State.

“Maybe he wants enhanced prerogatives but it’s not possible, because we don’t want that and most of the people don’t want that. Romanians want there to be balance between the branches of government. Too much power concentrated in a single place is not good for health,” Dragnea added.






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