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September 27, 2021

Ioana Constantin, new president of the M10 political party. Monica Macovei did not run for office

Ioana Constantin is the new president of the M10 party, MEP Monica Macovei (photo) announced, pointing out that she no longer wanted to run for any party leadership positions.

“I did not run for any leadership position, just as I informed party members on June 11. This was the idea when I decided to build a party: to lay the foundation stone. I hope that the new leadership, which consists of mostly young people, fair, professional and upright people, would engage in transparent politics that would replace the rigged politics we have been living for 26 years,” Monica Macovei wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

She pointed out that on June 26, the party’s General Assembly elected Ioana Constantin, with a majority of votes, president of the M10 party.

According to Monica Macovei, the new M10 President has two B.A. degrees obtained in 2012, one from SNSPA’s Faculty of Management and the other from the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, and two M.A. degrees obtained in 2014 from SNSPA, one in Brand Communication, Corporate Management and Communication, and the other in Communication and Public Relations. Among others, Ioana Constantin taught Ethics and Corporate Responsibility, e-Management and e-Business at SNSPA’s Faculty of Management and worked in career counselling for graduates.

“Those who worked to build M10 structures in over half the country and won over 30,000 votes, almost 100 councillors in the local elections, a city hall, and another 4 independent mayors backed by M10, have to continue the reformist policy based on democratic right-wing principles. My advice for the new M10 leadership is to join alliances with other right or centre-right political forces, including those that started out as local parties. Only in this way can a true and clean right-wing pole that would reform the political class and maintain Romania with her head high, on a WESTERN direction, be created,” the MEP’s message for the new party leadership reads.

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