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January 23, 2022

UNPR members turn to Social Democracy

After nine UNPR Senators resigned from their party on Monday – seven of them stating they will join PSD’s parliamentary group, and two of them that they will remain independent Senators, probably in order to later join PSD -, four Lower Chamber lawmakers left UNPR for PSD on Tuesday. The four MPs are Laurentiu Chirvasuta, Viorel Blajut, Titi Holban and Valentin Blanariu according to Stiripesurse.ro. They notified the Lower Chamber’s Standing Bureau that next Monday they will be leaving UNPR’s group and joining PSD’s group.

Likewise, Senator Florina Jipa announced on Tuesday that she will be joining PSD’s parliamentary group, Agerpres informs.

“Starting today, I will be member of the PSD group. I was accidentally member of the [UNPR] group and I was treated the way I was treated. Eight years I’ve voted alongside PSD,” Jipa pointed out.

Florina Jipa became independent Senator after she left UNPR’s parliamentary group following the disputes over her candidacy for a seat as judge at the Constitutional Court.

The political party founded by Gabriel Oprea has thus lost 12 MPs and currently has 31 left.

On Monday, the Senate approved the dissolution of UNPR’s Senate group, as a result of it dwindling down to less than seven MPs.

On Tuesday, Vochitoiu announced that the decision to dissolve UNPR’s Senate group has been challenged, the argument being made that the legal basis on which the decision was taken is inexistent.

UNPR’s problems emerged after the party started negotiating with PNL in view of forming an electoral alliance for the parliamentary elections this autumn, the possibility of a merger being also announced. UNPR President Valeriu Steriu dubbed the negotiations “exploratory talks.”

“Obviously, it’s the period in which very many of us wonder what form our working options will take this autumn, whether an alliance, whether alone. Obviously, in this exploratory effort we had to listen to all options. Probably in the next weeks, following much larger talks, we will have a working plan so that in the autumn we would enter Parliament as we planned,” the UNPR President stated, according to Hotnews.ro.

A party conference for the merger between PNL and UNPR could take place on July 16, according to ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ daily.

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