Premier Dacian Ciolos takes part in Vacaresti Delta clean-up

Premier Dacian Ciolos took part on Thursday in the clean-up of the Vacaresti Delta located in Bucharest’s District 4, an area that was recently declared a nature reserve. The action was organised by an NGO that mobilised several volunteers to clean up the area.

“First of all, I am happy we have succeeded, after 4 years of studies, analyses and some red tape, to finally take the decision and to transform this area, abandoned for several years, and to declare it what it actually is – a nature reserve, maybe not in the middle of the city but clearly close to the city. From now on, this area that was abandoned for years is no longer a dumping ground,” Premier Dacian Ciolos stated.

The Head of Government dismissed the rumours according to which there will be expropriations in the Vacaresti Delta area.

“There is still this distorted perception that now that we’ve declared it nature reserve land owners in this area are at risk of losing their plots of land or risk not being able to do anything. Neither is true. It’s not true that they will lose their plots of land, because land is not expropriated by having a nature reserve declared – we have nature reserves in other areas of the country where land owners keep their plots of land, it’s just that they have certain obligations, they have to respect certain things and, in return for this, they will receive some compensation too,” the Head of Government explained.

Once it has become a protected area, the Vacaresti Delta can be guarded and acts of poaching or destruction will be punished.

The 183-hectare delta is home to over 90 species of birds and dozens of species of mammals.

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