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March 2, 2021

Romanian Young People Capital competition has started

Romanian Young People Capital competition has started. The title is currently owned by Timisoara, which is the pilot edition of the program since May 2, 2016. The winner city of this year will be announced on November 14. Last year, the Romanian Young People Capital was Cluj-Napoca, bringing its contribution to a 21 percent increase of tourism through the events it held.

Each city receiving this title has the opportunity to develop the framework-program, the Capitals designing more and more professional projects, approaching new interesting topics for young people and encouraging the development of new and innovative ideas related to the active attendance of the young people into the social life.

“The Romanian Young People Capital can become the most efficient tool for mobilizing the local existing resources for a better economic and social development based on the young people’s real needs and objectives”, according to András Farkas, PONT Group founder, initiator of the Romanian Young People Capital program”.

By granting this title, new patterns of structured dialogue and of accountability and mobilization of the citizens are established, annual programs significantly contributing to the harmonization process of the local diversities, preserving the diverse identity of the communities, as well as promoting tolerance based on communication and communitarian action.

The jury consists in experts coming from the public, private and non-governmental sectors; the prize will consist in an amount of money to be announced one month before granting the title. The deadline for submitting the documentation of intent is October 14, 2016, 23.59 pm. Further details on the documentation and on the competition’s criteria are available at www.capitalatineretului.ro.

The group of the Romanian Young People Capital program’s initiators are Romanian Young People’s Council, PONT Group, SHARE Cluj-Napoca Federation and BCR, with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport. The winner city will be announced on November 14, within a ceremony held at Timisoara.









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