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February 27, 2021

The Nottara Theater returns in the Magheru location

Nottara Theater’s team will come back in the theater’s location on the Magheru Boulevard on October 10, in the first day of the “FestIn pe Bulevard” event; after a reassessment, the building was placed in the 2nd category of seismic risk.

The announcement was made by the Nottara Theater Manager, Marinela Tepus, within a press conference. She reminded that on November 23, last year, te Nottara Theater’s activity was suspended because the building, dated since 1946, was placed in the 1st category of seismic risk and it was closed.

Subsequently to a reassessment which included taking samples of the uilding and analyzing each apartment of the building located on the Magheru Boulevard, the building was placed in the 2nd category of seismic risk.

After performing the intervention and consolidation actions, the Nottara Theater’s building will be placed in the 3rd category of seismic risk, corresponding to the constructions “for which there are expected degradations not significantly affecting the structural safety, but for which the non-structural degradations can be important”.


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