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April 15, 2021

Justice Day: Integrity and honesty, still expected from politicians, says President Iohannis

Integrity and honesty are further expected from politicians, from the local elected and all those who are part of the administration, says president Klaus Iohannis in his message on Sunday on the Justice Day.

“In this process of justice’s strengthening I want to assure you that in me you’ve got a dialogue partner and a strong advocate for all the reforms that guarantee the fight against corruption. (…) The fact that isolated cases existed with mayors elected when under investigation, even condemned for corruption does not mean a diminishing of the citizens’ support for the fight against corruption whatsoever. Integrity and honesty are still expected from the politicians, from all of who represent the establishment,” said the head of state in a message read on Sunday by the presidential counsellor Simina Tanasescu at an event organized by the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) on the occasion of Justice Day.

According to Iohannis, through its specific activity the judiciary is building a sense of justice amongst the members of the community, by protecting ‘the most precious gain of democracy’ – the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual.

He added that the judiciary’s independence should be ‘teamed’ to the efficiency of justice in all fields.


 Prosecutor General Lazar: Let’s prove we are onest, with high civic mindedness, European vocation


Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar sent a message to the prosecutors with the Public Prosecution Service on the Justice Day, underscoring the high level of performance of the prosecution offices, the rising confidence in the judiciary, urging them to improving achievements and firm enforcement of law.

”The judiciary overall and the Public Prosecution Service in particular are at a time that we can call of organisational modernisation and consolidation. When I say that, I have lots of arguments in my mind, but I just give some: the high performance level that is acknowledged and validated in the latest progress report under the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism, which points to the efforts of prosecutors and the results of their activity without making special recommendation to the Public Prosecution Service. Another argument is the rising public confidence in justice, with the latest opinion polls indicating a favorable trend. I want to insist on that, because rising confidence in the judiciary is related to the position of justice as a state authority and the mission of justice as a public service,” Lazar says in his message.

He mentions that opinion polls reveal justice seekers have the right idea about the social importance of justice, and they appreciate justice quality, the work of judges and prosecutors.

”These results are the fruit of sustained efforts deployed by the servants of justice – judges, prosecutors, court clerks and other judiciary staff. You have worked hard to achieve such level of public confidence and organisational consolidation, a European justice in terms of professional standards and performance, and we all know that. Let us enjoy the fruit of our labour and strive to keep up and improve these achievements; let us act with determination for the strict observance of law. Let us prove that we are an honest professional corps, with high civic mindedness and European vocation acting in accordance with the principle JUS EST ART BONI ET AEQUI (The law is the art of goodness and equity),” says Lazar.


JusMin Pruna: What magistrates accomplished could be easily reversed through punctual legislative interventions


The progress accomplished in the judiciary is not irreversible, the Justice Minister, Raluca Pruna said on Sunday on Justice Day, telling the magistrates that what they have done “could be easily reversed through punctual legislative interventions.”

She mentioned that it is important that the magistrates make sure “no steps back” are done.

The minister thanked the entire magistrates’ corps, the lawyers, the notaries public, all those who contribute to the making of justice, “for a ceaseless activity which, despite several pressure, made it to remain at high performance levels.”

Raluca Pruna specified that the performance of the judiciary could be perceived not only at internal level, but also at the outside, by the foreign partners.

The minister said that Romania’s progress was emphasized at the anti-corruption summit in London, hosted by the British Prime minister, where our country was invited for it’s being a pattern, at least in the region.

In her opinion, Romania should advocate the key values and principles that have stayed at the grounds of the European Union and must contribute to this project.

Raluca Pruna said she wished to make sure that the entire legislative framework is predictable, as far as this could be possible in an electoral year and with the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) electing its new members.

She also guaranteed that the Ministry of Justice is a constant partner of the CSM and of the judiciary.


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