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January 31, 2023

Kovesi: Our results are coming from a continuous effort of a 10-year period, in which politicians have tried to block DNA

The results that the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) has today are coming from a continuous effort of a 10-year period, in which politicians have regularly tried to block DNA, Laura Codruta Kovesi stated at a meeting she had with a group of public officers and civil society representatives in the Republic of Moldova, while they were in a study visit in Bucharest.

Moldovan delegation was interested in how the fight against the big corrupt people have started in Romania, since the Republic of Moldova has great difficulties in this matter, which is the reason for not receiving external funding.

Laura Codruta Kovesi mentioned that the results that DNA has today are coming from a continuous effort of a 10-year period in which politicians have regularly tried to block DNA in order to prevent the fight against the big corruption: “It’s a cyclic issue in Romania to change DNA’s attributions either by decriminalizing some of the crimes, by limiting DNA’s competences, by limiting the investigation tools or by trying to remove the parliamentarians from the criminal law’s scope two years ago. Each time, these attempts of limiting DNA’s attributions and competences were stopped thanks to the civil society’s interference”, stated the DNA’s chief.

“Now, after 10 years of effort, we have come to that moment when state fights against Mafia. Otherwise, Mafia will win. It’s interesting to watch them allying willy-nilly in the public space against us and having the same voice. There are several televisions whose owners we sent sue (some of them are already convicted) and who talk about us all the day. The fight against corruption is a continuous process, with many difficult moments”, said Kovesi, being quoted by dw.com.

She listed three main prerequisites in order to efficiently start the fight against corruption.

First prerequisite: the independence of the anticorruption institution and of the people working in it, the stability of the prosecutors’ and judges’ functions and ensuring their guarantees: “It’s important to know, when you open an important investigation, that you will not be disciplinary punished or resigned for the simple fact that you had the courage to open that investigation”, the DNA chief explained.

The second prerequisite: the legal framework. “There was a real fight in Romania until we got a legal framework which allows de facto the fight against corruption. It’s useless to have professional body of prosecutors and judges if you don’t give them legislative tools and investigative competences. Now, DNA has enough levers to be able to do its job”, Laura Codruta Kovesi said.

The third prerequisite: material and human resources. “DNA has benefited from the needed budget in the last years. Regarding human resources, we have to reorganize ourselves a little bit, following to a decision of the Constitutional Court. The Court decided that the Intelligence Services cannot provide prosecutors with technical support anymore, in the matter of the technical supervision. This means that we have to enlarge the technical support we have at DNA and to make it operational. I am referring to the specific actions: stakeout, installing interception means in private spaces…”, mentioned Kovesi, being quoted by Digi24.


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