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November 30, 2022

UNPR is not dead. It’s changing.

Everything is possible in politics, but more than this, everything is impossible.

We got used to see that in politics, the absurd and the cruelest reality stay together at the same table, that the ridiculous and crying out loud like a mourner are completely compatible, that today becomes yesterday and next year doesn’t exist anywhere else than on the politicians’ lips…

I believe that the expression which tells me everything about politics was indeed created for politics (besides the whole scenery and the huge circus offered to the crowds most of the times on an empty stomach or, probably, making the worst of both worlds) – “If your right hand betrays you, cut it!”

Where did the betrayal appear and who is the one who brutally and definitively cut the iron hand of the loyalty and of the seriousness of the Goliath in the Romanian politics of the last twenty years and more – General Gabriel Oprea – still remains a mystery of the moment, who’s significations acquire dramatic tones sometimes.

As they say… if it wouldn’t be pathetic, it would be funny.

And if it wouldn’t be a matter of life and death for the political power’s backstage, we could believe that all this charade of the “swan’s song” performed by General Oprea and all this removal of UNPR from the book of the political life, is nothing else than a smoke bomb strategically placed, so to speak, under the nation’s nose in order to make people, in a perfidious manner, to chase the eternal wild goose of the indigenous politics, since they are tired of so much heat and weakened by the summer holiday.

Besides, I see that the great and well-known “guru” of the Romanian newspapers are untired to work in order to successfully create this diversion served as a lemonade to the Romanian nation which is overwhelmed by the heat.

Gabriel Oprea has officially left politics since the 1st of July, this year.

De facto, UNPR has ceased to exist as a political party 8 months ago.

The huge machinery of the power made a full turn, crushing with a screech and with indifference the whole construction and personality of the UNPR leader between its terrible jaws.

The story repeats exactly in the same way in a manner which is as strange as clear and accurate. Crin Antonescu and PNL.

It’s the same crash from the heavens of the power, as brutal, unexpected and mysterious as that one, right at the moment when the political hero has a totally and completely ensured victory.

In Crin Antonescu’s case, the reason of his sudden and hallucinating withdrawal was the profound tiredness and disappointment towards a completely unproportioned and unbalanced mechanism of the power.

In Gabriel Oprea’s case, the power-makers didn’t even bother for a few moments to create a reason, at least an apparent one.

Gabriel opera simply self-eclipses in a period of 8 months, making not just one step back, but as many as there was necessary to crash himself into the abyss of the political inexistence. And he left UNPR on the razor edge, together with all that this party has meant or not for the politics of the last 6 years and for his author’s mind.

But a party like UNPR and a leader like Gabriel Oprea, although they can be born overnight, they cannot disappear in one day, like the dust on an old and victorious military drum hanging in a rack behind the door of the power.

Because politics is like physics – when you dislocate something, a body, well, the empty space caused by the removal is automatically filled with another body having the same mass and weight.

Power doesn’t create empty spaces or black holes. The risks of being incalculable, the exposure to self-absorption and the risk of extinction for all that the power means become unavoidable.

Rumors and local political gossip sources whisper these days that Oprea’s final failure and withdrawal are caused by the General’s well-known tendencies to relentlessly and mysteriously go to the Cotroceni Palace, hand by hand with the young prince, substitute and new Atlas of the rest of the UNPR’s ruins – Valeriu Steriu – in order to negotiate, in a totally desperate gesture, the political rescue through the merger with the dusty and pathetic ghost haunting the Romanian political Right – PNL.

It seems like the General had in his mind that in these mysterious and extraordinary negotiations with President Iohannis he can offer the 1 million of UNPR members against the President’s party and Government.

Let’s be honest: what normal person and having a minimum common-sense in politics could believe such a complete absurdity and nonsense?

Yes, maybe. But credulity and naivety have their limits.

Until yesterday you were close to the powerful politicians of the day, shouting everywhere how faithful, loyal, and serious you are and how you will fulfill until your last breath your commitments and promises that you made cross your heart and looking straight in the ruthless eyes of the current leader of the Left – Liviu Dragnea -, and now you suddenly seem to have an inexplicable nervous breakdown, going to draw the last breath at the PNL’s ruins’ door in a completely stupid gesture, not to say a suicide gesture, because I’d create a pleonasm.

And this nonsense is allegedly born from the Oprea’s desperate wish  to gain a warm seat within the cards of power, doesn’t matter if it’s the one designed to be taken by the joker from the deck, namely the possibility to receive a poor and insignificant bundle of seats in the next Parliament, seats who are uncertain to the total lack, due to the inexistence of the capacity of your possible merger partner to ensure a political future event for itself from now on, not to speak about giving others’ something concrete and real.

And this should be called a courageous and mature political act, that in the end should balance … the Right towards the almighty and dominator Left!

Maybe Gabriel Oprea is a person hard to understand… but as a politician, the General has a clear profile of a cuckoo clock. The mechanism of the machinery is designed to announce the exact time when the little bird gets out, saying: Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!… each time when it indicates the time.

In other news: as I remember, and I think that every Romanian citizen who lived in this country at least in the last 6 years can easily remember, UNPR pretended to be always and continuously a left political creation!

Some of the readers will say: ok, so what?! Oprea was on the left, on the right and in the center of the political life and anywhere he was allowed by the spatial and political geometry of the day, and especially of the national interest. Was he bothered in any way by the “left national feeling” to ride the luxury transoceanic of PD-L?

Of course he wasn’t! Those who would say these things would be perfectly rightful and accurate, with one amendment, which is anyway included in the previous assertion:

The Left has the power NOW! And the power of the Left aims to infinitely and unrestrictedly grow.

And, as we already got used, when we say “Gabriel Oprea + UNPR”, we say “I love power and I must be there!”

At the same time, it’s perfectly and completely true that in politics, the logic of the common-sense and the borders are as easy to be changed and quasi-inexistent as the horizon line.

Politics is about power, not about honor, truth, loyalty, ideological affiliation or national interest and other “bla-bla-s” and politicizing eulogies which we had enough.

In the Oprea – UNPR case, these attributes confirming and re-confirming (unfortunately) the true side, intention and direction of any part of the Romanian politics of the last 27 years, becomes a ghost.

From all this fable of the definitive dynamiting, demolishing and brushing-away the UNPR from the political environment, I, personally, have a big question mark and a moral which are not exactly optimistic.

But, to be able to understand why UNPR had to disappear from the today’s political stage, it’s mandatory for us to go back in time and have look, not an angry or passionate look, but a careful and lucid one, to the place, moment and person who created this political Trojan horse – Traian Basescu.

UNPR was created as a currency and as an adjustment lever in the combining mechanism of the power.

UNPR was and remained a political mercenary camarilla.

And such a thing, designed and placed so efficiently and accurate right in the heart of the power, not only that could never disappear, but it will always change and adapt on the fly to the host to whom it was assigned.

In this case, it is as clear as possible that the host is PSD.

What’s the point, then?!

Something automatically coming into my mind is that not only the political Right requests the emergency of being reinvented on a different ground and with a different look, in order to be much more attractive and as “new” as possible for the market of the Romanian electors, but especially the political LEFT needs these changes!

Yes, the Left! Regardless of how incredible and amazing it would seem, the political Left is searching new political talents, capable to rebrand it and to turn it into an “innocent girl”, to quote one of the well-known voices of the Media and of the Romanian journalism.

Since USB proved to be a profitable and promising creation, yet extremely fragile and immature in order to be ready for an instant “marriage” with one of the two hibernal and perverted grooms of the Romanian politics – PSD and PNL -, the normal consequence is to let the fresh and fragile new-born baby to grow until she will be able to get at least her ID card indicating she’s a real political party (meaning around… 5 months) and until she will have the specific dowry and age that allow her to get married, and meanwhile solidly preparing her into the laboratories of the school of power for the role of the future princess consort of her imperial groom.

Meanwhile, the role of the bride for the rehearsals of the great political wedding of this autumn is assigned to whom else than the bigger and more experienced sister in satisfying the wishes and fantasies of the power – a real Theodora of Byzantium reduced and perfectly adapted to the dimensions of the local political brothel – UNPR.

Thus, everybody will be happy.

Politicians will be pleased of managing, as usually, to make a magic and to create another great and grand show of light and sound, designed to fully satisfy the people’s insatiable desire of having political circus and intrigue, finally being loyal to themselves, to their real stakes and promises that they made to their bigger and stronger brothers from abroad.

People will also be pleased that (finally!) after a torrid summer and after a well-deserved holiday from the relentless local political bullfights, they can come back to their gardens, they can comfortably sit having a glass of a new autumn wine and a barbeque and they can receive, as a bonus, a new slice of fun and political exciting “news”, together with a new pair of pink glasses, through which hope of a better life and maybe, this time, a brand-new different political “something else”, as pure and untouched as possible by the Romania’s political perverse satyrs become tangible, exactly as in the 5D movies from Multiplex.

Until then, I wish you to have a nice holiday and great fun…

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