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January 18, 2022

UPC supports the digital future of Romania

upc-logo-cmyk-loUPC Romania, one of the largest telecommunication companies on the local market, is the leader in technology innovation. We offer TV (digital, through satellite or analogical) services, Broadband Internet and telephone services in almost 300 cities. The digital services offered by UPC Romania connect over 1.245.100 clients to the digital universe and offer them amazing experiences. UPC premieres on the Romanian market include launching a digital television, HD, DVR, 3D technologies, high-speed Internet 200 Mbps. UPC services became available in 2014 out of home as well, by launching UPC Wi-Free and Horizon Go.

In more than 20 years of activity on the local market, the company invested more than 1 billion Euros, thus becoming the biggest American investment in Romania.

UPC Romania is affiliated to Liberty Global, plc, the largest international cable communication company in the world and operates in more than 30 countries across Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

We connect people with the digital world and offer them the option to discover and experiment endless possibilities. Our services – TV, Broadband Internet and telephone services – are delivered through a next generation network and through innovative technology platforms.

The Digital Agenda for Europe has established that the increase of Internet penetration has the potential to become an economic growth engine, thus generating sustainable capital and social benefits. By endorsing the Digital Agenda targets, Romania recognizes the strategic importance and the impact of the expansion of the digital ecosystem for economic development and European integration.

 UPC plays an active role in supporting and promoting a digital society, where the increase of Internet use and awareness of the benefits of the digital environment will boost macroeconomic development. We believe the moment has come for us to analyze the current context and identify measures to sustain growth, both in terms of the digital infrastructure and with regard to the opportunities created by high-speed (broadband) Internet.

With Connect Box, UPC brings the best Wi-Fi experience in Romania, at home. UPC internet customers now have impeccable in-home Wi-Fi experience with the new next-generation gateway, CONNECT BOX. Customers want to be connected anytime, anywhere, on any device, they want connectivity through Wi-Fi both in and outside the house and UPC constantly innovates, offering them both connectivity and entertainment. UPC CONNECT BOX is a global product, revolutioning the  Wi-Fi experience for our  customers, offering superior in-home connectivity that is fast, reliable and seamless.


Promoting a digital society and fostering Internet use are strategic directions for UPC Romania. We encourage the access of more and more Romanians to the digital universe and invest in platforms and initiatives aiming at the development of digital skills. We believe in our contribution to the evolution of the Romanian society and we create new opportunities by supporting an increasing number of Romanians to use digital products and services in a safe and effective manner.



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