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March 30, 2023

Victor Ponta, in a state of war with Liviu Dragnea

The fact that there is a simmering conflict between ex-premier Victor Ponta and PSD President Liviu Dragnea is no longer a secret to anyone. This simmering war became increasingly obvious after the PSD President no longer backed the ex-premier for the Lower Chamber Speaker office.

Liviu Dragnea recently stated that he has found PSD’s enemies in the person of Victor Ponta and ALDE Vice President Daniel Constantin. Victor Ponta reacted on Facebook on Sunday, expressing his disappointment.

“I’m very disappointed and angry IF this piece of news is true and Liviu Dragnea really sees me and the ALDE leaders as the enemies of PSD,” Ponta wrote on Facebook.

“Apart from the fact that such an idea is untrue and unfair (after I activated solely within PSD my whole political life and after I fought for PSD as for my family, and Daniel Constantin and Calin Tariceanu have always been fair and reliable allies), I also believe it is a big mistake – PSD’s true opponents are those from the new PNL and those who always wanted to destroy PSD and its leaders!”

“If Liviu Dragnea really thinks like this then champagne must be uncorked at the Presidential Palace! However, I hope it was just a piece of “leaked” information, which will turn out to be groundless.”

According to sources that took part in the PSD meeting, sources quoted by stiripesurse.ro, Liviu Dragnea said that one of PSD’s biggest enemies at this moment is Victor Ponta, the party’s former leader. Dragnea claims that through his public attitude, sarcastic toward party leaders, Ponta is not lending a hand to the party’s growth at all, quite the contrary.

Liviu Dragnea was extremely upset with the expression “county bailiff,” an expression that Victor Ponta used, and repeated it several times during the meeting.

At the same time, Liviu Dragnea told the members of PSD that another great danger is Daniel Constantin, ALDE Co-President and a person close to Victor Ponta. Dragnea claims that the tense relationship between Daniel Constantin and Calin Popescu Tariceanu could harm PSD, especially since ALDE was close to imploding before the local elections because of its internal tensions.

On Sunday, the PSD President dismissed the press allegations according to which ALDE is “his main enemy.”

“I want to dismiss the allegations according to which I said at the Executive Committee meeting that ALDE is our biggest enemy. There is nothing stupider than this. I told my colleagues that apart from the main objective, which is scoring well in the parliamentary elections, another objective is for ALDE to enter Parliament and we are willing to help them out with everything we can for this. Wherever we had the possibility, we formed alliances everywhere in the counties; I have a very good relation with Mr. Tariceanu and Mr. Daniel Constantin and [ALDE] is a party with which we want to and I hope we will form the majority after the parliamentary elections in the autumn,” the PSD President stated on Sunday evening on Antena 3.

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