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November 30, 2022

Bucharest Mayor shifts Sudului Square underpass deadline from Christmas to… Easter

After stating last month that the Sudului Square underpass will be completed on Christmas, Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea has announced that the people in the area as well as those driving through the extremely busy thoroughfare will still have to endure for some time the detours and the dust, since the works on the underpass are registering delays. The reason? Obviously, paperwork and money.

“The construction company says that it has to be paid a certain sum, the City Hall says it cannot make unjustified payments, the problem is that 59 percent are indirect expenditures, meaning expenditures for which the constructor has not offered justifications,” Gabriela Firea stated on Antena 3.

The mayor warned that the contract stipulates the fact that indirect payments cannot surpass 10 percent of the contract’s value. In these conditions, Firea will ask the Court of Accounts to conduct an audit and will resort to mediation as a measure of last resort.

Likewise, the constructor has filed two complaints against the City Hall, according to the mayor. Moreover, construction works should have been completed this year, however the deadline has been extended.

“The contract was signed in 2012, but the start of the construction works was ordered in 2014. I was told that the completion deadline is March 2017. I believe this litigation could end following a Court of Accounts audit, I want it [the Court] to give us a point of view on the unjustified payments, because we’re talking about tens of millions. I want us to find an amiable method, for the constructor also to understand that nobody can make such large payments – the most recent unjustified sum is EUR 20 M. My interest is to legally unblock this process. I believe we will end up at mediation if we fail with the Court of Accounts,” Firea concluded.


Former acting mayor Razvan Sava: “ Ms. Gabriela Firea is showing her true competence and seriousness by changing “only” three times her statements”


PNL’s Razvan Sava, Bucharest’s former acting mayor, reproached Mayor Gabriela Firea of changing her statements about the Sudului Square underpass three times and asked her to stop lying about “the difficult inheritance.”

“Although less than a full month has passed since she was sworn in, Ms. Gabriela Firea is showing her true competence and seriousness by changing “only” three times her statements concerning the evolution of construction works on the Sudului Square underpass. After she stated, on June 10, following a visit to the worksite, that the project is 60 percent completed and that it will be finished by Christmas, less than 13 days later she announced a completion stage of 63 percent and March 2017 as the deadline,” he pointed out in a communique.

Likewise, Razvan Sava, who is currently local councillor in Bucharest’s District 4, pointed out that two days ago Gabriela Firea announced that the underpass is completed in proportion of 53 percent and that it has a new deadline – December 2018.

“Mayor, I believe Bucharesters have the right to know what is the explanation for these confusing statements you keep making. I remind you that I left behind a worksite working around the clock and a project 80 percent completed, after we managed to overcome the most difficult technical obstacles in the project against the backdrop of a bad contract for Bucharesters and the Bucharest City Hall, a contract signed by your party colleague Sorin Oprescu,” Sava pointed out.

He asked Gabriela Firea to stop “lying about the difficult inheritance” and to “seriously start working.”

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