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February 5, 2023

Bucharest Mayor wants deputy mayors from the PSD+UNPR Alliance and ALDE

After Nicusor Dan, USB’s Bucharest City Hall candidate who finished the local elections on second place, declined the invitation to become Deputy Mayor, Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea stated that PSD will support a Deputy Mayor nominated by the PSD+UNPR Alliance and one nominated by ALDE. The nominations will be analysed at the Bucharest General Council meeting on Thursday.

“The General Council meeting will start tomorrow, at noon. This evening I will have a meeting with the political groups and each one of them will make a nomination for the office of Deputy Mayor. At this moment I don’t know what these nominations are. This evening we will perform an analysis and the PSD+UNPR group will make a nomination. I can tell you only the political stripes and what we will back – a Deputy Mayor nominated by the PSD+UNPR Alliance and one nominated by ALDE. These will be our votes. Of course, I’m sure the other general councillors will have their own nominations, let’s see who wins the vote,” Gabriela Firea stated on Wednesday at PSD’s central headquarters.

“During the campaign I said I would like a Deputy Mayor that has Nicusor Dan’s profile, even Nicusor Dan himself if his party enters the General Council. And it did enter and I congratulate them for this performance. Subsequently, he declined the very serious political offer that I made and that my colleagues backed. Then there were certain discrepancies – let’s call it that – in their statements, but there was no problem because it was the elections campaign. But they emphasised that they do not want to nominate a Deputy Mayor as long as I’m in office and so it’s understandable,” Gabriela Firea added.

Nicusor Dar, USB’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, stated in an interview for ‘Gandul’ that in case of failure in the elections he will not accept the office of Deputy Mayor and his party will play the opposition’s role within the General Council of the Bucharest Municipality.

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