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May 22, 2022

Gorghiu: Mr. Ciolos is a proper Prime-Minister profile for PNL

National Liberal Party (PNL) Co-President Alina Gorghiu stated on Tuesday that, from her point of view, Dacian Ciolos would be a good Prime-Minister from PNL’s side, but that for the moment the current head of the Government “wishes to continue the projects as a technocrat PM”.

“From my point of view, Mr. Ciolos is a proper PM profile for the National Liberal Party. We will announce you if and when we will take a decision related to the Prime-Minister (…) Mr. Ciolos has gave an answer that he wishes to continue the projects as a technocrat PM until December, because I understand that the elections will be in December, December 4 or 11 are the dates estimated by the Government”, Gorghiu stated.

PNL Co-President has also made a sketch of the ideal PNL candidate for the Government’s leadership: capable, having good faith and integrity. “I hope we will have the wisdom to opt for a Prime-Minister who have been proven that he did something for Romania, that he is further capable to do something for Romania and a Prime-Minister who will prove that good faith and the project are more important than who designs that project”, PNL Co-President said.

Gorghiu also said that “is a matter of common-sense” for a party to early announce its candidate for the PM position and that PSD doesn’t do this because Liviu Dragnea wants the head of the Government seat for himself.

“I saw Mr. Dragnea’s statement, who is embarrassed to propose himself for the PM position and I wonder if he really thinks we all are stupid. I don’t believe there is any Romanian citizen in Romania wo doesn’t understand that the lack of an assigned PM from PSD in this campaign is equal to Mr. Dragnea’s proposal to acquire the PM position. Actually, Mr. Dragnea refuses to assume the PM position because of his problems, but we all know that this will be the assignment”, stated the PNL leader.

Being asked if, in her opinion, President Iohannis would accept a version like Dragnea for the Victoria Palace, Alina Gorghiu said that PNL “will not provide the President the possibility to choose” any other option than a Liberal PM. “I am sure that the President appreciates integrity and that he appreciates in politics people who didn’t have law problems. I am convinced that we will not let the President the possibility to choose and the mandate will be assigned, the mandate has to make the parliamentary majority, it will be PNL’s attribution”, she said.

Prime-Minister Dacian Ciolos stated on Tuesday, June 21, as an answer to a Liberal’s invitation to subscribe to the party, that he will not involve in politics until the end of the term of this Government, and that subsequently to this moment he doesn’t know what he will do.

“I was very clear saying that I’ve assumed a PM mandate in certain circumstances, I’ve made a clear commitment and this… I don’t know, I am forced to repeat every month things that I’ve said from the beginning and I am saying it again, and I hope it will be for the last time: I’ve made a commitment and I keep it – I said that until the end of the mandate of this Government I will not subscribe to any political party, that I will not create a political party and I will not be a candidate in the parliamentary elections. Don’t ask me more than this, because this is all I can say – what I can do, what I promised that I’ll do”, stated Dacian Ciolos, asked if he will subscribe to PNL.

He didn’t exclude any option regarding his political future, but he said that he is focused on the PM mandate.

“I do not wish to make any statement related to what will happen after that, because I simply don’t know. Can you understand that I am a simply human and not something else, and that I don’t have any hidden projects, that I don’t have any hidden agenda and that in November I assumed a certain mandate which I understand to honestly carry out as much as I can?”, added the head of the Government.

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