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September 20, 2021

Overdue loans in excess of 20,000 lei rises to 30.11 billion lei in May

Overdue repayments on bank loans in excess of 20,000 advanced 0.9 percent in May 2016 from April 2016, to the equivalent of 30.11 billion lei, according to data with the Central Credit Register at the National Bank of Romania (BNR) released on Wednesday.
The loan defaults, recorded by the Central Credit Register, made up 10.88 percent of the total amount owed to banks in May 2016.
As much as 89.87 percent of the total arrears, or 27.06 billion lei, was more than one year overdue, up from 26.97 billion lei in April.
The number of delinquent clients also increased in May 2016 on a monthly basis, from 188.022 to 190.715, still below 208,305 one year before.
The number of searches with the Central Credit Register declined from 111,506 in April 2016, to 105,928 one month later, still below June 2015’s 123,074.
As far as individual loan takers are concerned, their overdue repayments on loans in excess of 20,000 lei decreased by 50 million lei in May from April, to nearly 6.14 billion lei, from 6.19 billion lei one month earlier, making up 6.15 percent of overdue repayments, 89.9 percent of which were more than one year overdue.
The number of individual loan takers in default increased from 159,334 in April to 161,226 in May, still below 178,136 one year before.

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