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February 1, 2023

DONA Pharmacy network accelerates its expansion through partnerships with Romanian entrepreneurs, under the rules of a franchise system

The shareholders of the DONA Group, the third player on the pharmacy retail market, following Sensiblu and Catena, have decided to expand the pharmacy network through a franchise system. Entrepreneurs in the field are invited to join the brand “DONA Pharmacy” and to develop it together, in a real and balanced partnership, by keeping each company’s independence untouched. Partners will have access to a vertically integrated system (with activities in procurement, wholesale distribution, marketing, etc.), subject to compliance with the strict rules that led to the development and success of the “DONA Pharmacy” brand until now.

 “We wish to attract creditworthy partners”, stated the President of Dona Group, Eugen Banciu.

In order to access the “DONA Pharmacy” franchise system, any pharmaceutical license holder in Romania can apply, provided that he is experienced and reliable in the pharmacy retail field. One of the selection criteria of the future franchisees is the turnover, which should place at a level of EUR 40,000 – 50,000 per month. When accessing the franchise, partners have to pay a fee of EUR 3,000 – 5,000, following to pay a monthly royalty at the market level.

The initial financial investment varies from EUR 20,000 to EUR 50,000, depending on the pharmacy’s size and of the implementing needs. Entering into the network can cause to the franchisee an increase of the number of customers up to 10-15 percent in the first six months, and implicitly an increase of the turnover of EUR 2,000 – 3,000 per month. Moreover, the pharmacy can gain profit in the first year of entering the franchise, according to the DONA representatives.

Dona pharmacy network currently has 286 own unities to which are added another 8 franchisee pharmacies. The first four franchisee pharmacies – two in Bucharest, one in Alexandria and one in Rosiorii de Vede, will be officially reopened these days, following the successful finalization of the rebranding process, while other four partner pharmacies are in different stages of the implementing process of the franchise system.

By the end of 2016, a total number of 30 pharmacies are estimated to access the franchise system, the process being accelerated in the coming years.

“The offer of the “DONA Pharmacy” brand addresses to the health professionals and to the Romanian entrepreneurs wishing an improved level of the pharmaceutical service for their patients, better results in terms of financial indicators and increased resistance to the industry’s difficulties” stated Eugen Banciu.

Partners choosing to perform their activity under the brand of the “DONA Pharmacy” are granted free access to a bundle of essential tools for development, gathered in many years of experience and trials: the affiliation to a constantly mediatized brand, able to really increase the patients traffic in the pharmacy, efficient and automatic work procedures, permanent assessment and development programs for pharmacists and assistants, advantageous commercial conditions, marketing and merchandising activities professionally negotiated with the medicines and food supplements producers, support for efficient business and management consultancy.

“I believe that a defining issue, that attracts and convinces, is the “DONA Pharmacy” brand, carefully and meticulously polished. “DONA Pharmacy” means professionalism, reliability, concern for the service quality, care and empathy for patients. It’s a precious good, evaluated at more than 40 million lei, which we share with our partners, provided that the values defining it and making it to be different are fully observed”, underlined Eugen Banciu.

“Although we are very proud of all what we’ve made until now by our own forces, with seven pharmaceutical units which are very appreciated by our patients and financially stable, we’ve considered that a partnership with a group of professionals having a high level of experience and skillfulness, as DONA, would help us to jump to a higher level. Actually, we have the opportunity to develop in a similar manner with a strong pharmaceutical network and to offer greatly improved pharmaceutical services to our patients, without abandoning our independency. We were pleased to find a great opening, reliability and the wish to do things in the right way at DONA team. Our relationship relies on mutual trust and respect and we are totally positive that together we’ll be successful”, stated Pharmacist Luiza Negreanu, the owner of the first 7 partner pharmacies recently integrated.

Banciu stated that Dona pharmacies are currently losing money, but this fact is justified by the quick developing rhythm from the last period: “We’ve chose to lose money for a period and to have a strong pharmaceutical network. We are not necessarily interested to be on the first place, but rather to be stable”.

The investment in the expansion process meant also building a new warehouse in Chitila, having an area of 700 sqm, amounting RON 4 billion.

Dona pharmacy network reached a turnover of RON 471 million in the January – June period, 11.5 percent higher than the previous semester. The turnover estimated for 2016 by the Dona Group amounts over RON  1 billion.

“DONA Pharmacy” is one of the most appreciated names in the Romanian pharmaceutical market, with a solid reputation built on 24 years of activity.

Under the “DONA Pharmacy” brand operate a number of 286 pharmacies owned by 7 companies, havin a number of 2,300 employees and more than 600 suppliers. 3.5 million patients own Dona fidelity cards. 2.3 million buyers enter the DONA Pharmacies monthly, as they are spread in all the counties of the country. Customers have access to 27,000 different products in stock.  Dona sales 5 million boxes with medicines per month, issuing more than 1.6 million tax receipts.


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