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August 3, 2021

Gymnast Ponor, Romania’s flag bearer at 2016 Rio Olympics: “Romanian athletes present at the Olympics will fight to lift our name higher than I will be able to lift the flag”

Gymnast Catalina Ponor, who will be carrying Romania’s flag at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games, stated, after finding out that she was selected for this role, that she cannot stop crying with excitement.

“The day I am unable to stop crying with excitement. Today I found out that I will represent my country at Rio and I will be the only female gymnast in Romania’s history to carry the flag at the Olympics. Just the simple fact that I am writing these words here, on Facebook, makes my heart beat faster. It beats as in all of the wonderful moments that gymnastics offered to me combined. I would like to be able to describe my true feelings,” the Romanian athlete wrote on her Facebook page.

“My soul is anxious, agitated, it’s as if it wants to come out of my chest and start running toward Rio. It’s as if it has been performing continuous triple-flip tsukahara ever since I found out the news. The day in which my hands will tremble and I will have teary eyes holding the Romanians’ flag high, as high as I can; you should know that I will be thinking only about you and about how to make you happy. I assure you that all Romanian athletes present at the Olympics will fight ceaselessly in order to make the whole country proud, in order to lift her name much higher than I will be able to lift the flag. If I could, I would lift it so high that it would touch the sky and everyone would remember it. But I won’t be physically able to, so I will give everything I have in the competition. In order to win, in order to reach the top, where we belong. This is how the world should truly remember us! Thank you for your support and confidence. I will lift the flag for you and my heart will beat hundreds of times faster for you, for Romania!” the athlete wrote.

Chairman of the Romanian Olympic Committee (COSR) Alin Petrache announced on Wednesday that Ponor will be carrying Romania’s flag at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games.

”Taking into consideration the Romanian Gymnastics Federation’s decision to award Romania’s place in the gymnastics competition at Rio 2016 to Catalina Ponor, Ponor has been selected by the Executive Committee of COSR to be the flag bearer at these Olympic Games,” said Petrache.

Five athletes were considered: gymnast Marian Dragulescu, tennis player Simona Halep, handball player Cristina Neagu, sport shooter Alin Moldoveanu and gymnast Catalina Ponor. ”Ponor has received the highest number of votes from the Executive Committee, being elected Romania’s flag bearer at Rio 2016,” said Petrache.

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