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December 3, 2021

Kaufland Romania launches the „Live fresh” campaign and a dedicated digital platform

Starting from July, Kaufland Romania suggest a new approach to its customers: „Live fresh”, a concept based on a healthy lifestyle starting from the freshness of the food consumed every day and going to a new life philosophy.

On the occasion of this campaign, Kaufland Romania launches a national project, addressed to all the Romanians: the digital platform www.traiestefresh.ro, where the readers will be able to permanently discover invitations to new challenges and experiences lived for the first time in life: advices and less known things about the role that the fresh food has in nutrition, offered by Dr. Serban Damian, nutritionist, culinary recipes in fresh combinations branded Chef Foa and information on how can you get to have a healthy lifestyle, shared to Romanians by Andrei Rosu.

“The campaign is an invitation addressed to our customers, to adopt a fresh lifestyle, involving a ballanced nutrition, making sport, watching every day as a new start, being open to challenges and new things, experiencing new ambitions and joys, taking advantage on the every day freshness, and sharing this life philosophy with family and friends”, exaplined Valer Hancas, Manager Corporate Affairs & Comunicare, Kaufland România.

And because living fresh means not to fear about new beginnings and new challenges, the Kaufland Romania customers will be able to win more than 500 aspirational and fresh prizes on the platform, consisting in First time in life experiences. They include exotic trips, a family travel in USA to visit Disney World and Universal Studios, and an electric car. Additional information will be available at www.traiestefresh.ro and at kaufland.ro/facebook.

On July 5, on the launching day of the platform, the three ambassadors of the project – Chef Foa, Andrei Rosu and Dr. Serban Damian (photo) – were present in the Kaufland supermarket located on Barbu Vacarescu Street to interact with the customers, to whom they have explained the importance of the fresh food, nutrition and lifestyle, while the debates were moderated by Cabral.

“Fresh button is absolutely necessary in the kitchen. This means to know when you need to improve a recipe, to look for new ingredients or spices that bring an original twist to your food dishes. Cooking fresh means to make aromas fresh combinations: a spicy sauce, a minty tone, a slightly crunchy texture”, is how Chef Foa exemplified the fresh idea in gastronomy.

For the first time, on July 5, during the program of the supermarket on the Barbu Vacarescu Street, customers who accepted to make exercices, as squats, jumping rope, rowing simulator or simple refreshing moves, were awarded by Kaufland with shopping vouchers.

FRESH AT KAUFLAND: “Live fresh” concept comes to continue a permanent concern for freshness, for which Kaufland is famous. The company pays special attention on the freshness in the supermarket, ensuring daily supplies with products like vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat and sausage, by using a short rout for supply.

Kaufland Romania is one of the few retailers currently having more than 50 percent of local articles, since purchasing them is the first option of the company in its purchasing policy.

Furthermore, Kaufland Romania permanently involves in projects promoting the fresh lifestyle. Among them, we can find The Forest Cross, the biggest mass running competition supporting an environmental cause, held under the aegis “Run and afforest like a Romanian!”. At the same time, the retailer has an old partnership with Let’s Do It, Romania, together with whom it attended to various actions dedicated to the ecology, from cleaning wastes to planting seedlings. Supporting the Atlantic Challenge project added to these; within this project, four Romanians, including Andrei Rosu, will cross for the first time the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat.




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