Prosecutors heard nearly 500 persons in Mineriad case

Military prosecutors have heard, in the past 5 months, seven suspects, 455 persons injured, civil parties and descendants, as well as 18 witnesses in the case of the Mineriad of 13 – 15 June 1990.

Among those heard in the case are former President Ion Iliescu and former Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) director Virgil Magureanu.

According to a release by the General Prosecutor’s office, in the period between February – July 2016, checks in the database were ran on nearly 1000 persons, with 850 summons being issued. The hearings are programmed until the end of July 2016.

The case also targets retired admiral Emil “Cico” Dumitrescu, former SRI director Virgil Magureanu, former vicechairman of the Provisional Council for National Unity (CPUN) Cazimir Ionescu, former leader of the miners from the Jiu Valley Miron Cozma, former Prime Minister Petre Roman and Gelu-Voican Voiculescu.

Military prosecutors claim that Ion Iliescu, as President of the CPUN, decided to violently repress the manifestation in the University Square in central Bucharest by an attack on the civilian population in June 1990, followed by the bringing of the Jiu Valley miners to Bucharest.

According to the ordinance drawn up by the Military Prosecutor’s office, at first Ion Iliescu was under investigation for three crimes: propaganda for war, genocide (done by: killing members of the collective or group, the grave injury of the physical or mental integrity of the collectivity or group, the subjection of the collectivity or group to conditions or treatments that would lead to physical destruction) and inhumane treatment by displacement or illegal detainment.

Later, military prosecutors changed the legal classification of the crimes to crimes against humanity comprised by the following actions: “On 11 and 12 June 1990, as President of the CPUN, together with Roman Petre, Magureanu Virgil, Voiculescu Gelu-Voican, Dumitru S. Nicolae, general Chitac Mihai, major general Diamandescu Corneliu, major general Florescu Mugurel and others, decided to violently repress the manifestations in University Square, on the basis of this decision an attack being set off on the morning of 13 June 1990 against the civilian population, with the participation of the military forces of the Interior Ministry, the National Defence Ministry, and the Romanian Intelligence Service, the attack claiming the lives of four people and injuring another three by shooting, another 270 persons being injured and detained.”

Prosecutors also claim that Ion Iliescu, Petre Roman, Virgil Magureanu, Gelu Voican-Voiculescu, Nicolae Dumitru, Corneliu Diamandescu, Mihai Chitac and Mugurel Florescu have decided, on 13 June 1990, to organize the travel to Bucharest of over 10,000 miners from the Jiu Valley, who continued the attacks in University Square against the civilian population, causing the injury and illegal detainment of approximately 1,000 persons.

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