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January 17, 2022

Tudor-Tim Ionescu and Aurelian Badulescu, Bucharest’s new Deputy Mayors

Tudor-Tim Ionescu (ALDE) and Aurelian Badulescu (PSD+UNPR) were elected Bucharest Deputy Mayors at the extraordinary meeting of the General Council of the Bucharest Municipality (GCBM) on Thursday.

Aurelian Badulescu received 28 votes in favour and 19 against; Tudor-Tim Ionescu – 28 for and 19 against; Catalin Deaconescu (PNL) – 9 for and 38 against; Lucian Iliescu (PMP) – 9 for and 38 against.

General Councillor Nicusor Dan (USB) announced that the party he represents is not forming alliances. “Electing a Deputy Mayor would mean an alliance. The USB Group is not nominating deputy mayors and will abstain from voting,” he said.

The two Deputy Mayors had barely been elected that they already started receiving criticism, both from politicians and from civil society.

Tudor Ionescu became known several years ago when indecent pictures of him appeared and the tabloids talked about him allegedly having a relationship with television star Oana Zavoranu.

“I’m not coming from the high-life area at all, I’m sorry to disappoint you here. I never talked – maybe we’ll clarify this aspect too – in my case things were simple from the start. I won’t discuss my personal life, end of story,” he defended on Thursday.

Lawyer Aurelian Badulescu was nominated by PSD. In 2008-2012, he was member of the GCBM as representative of the New Generation Party (PNG), being also the lawyer of controversial businessman George Becali, PNG’s founder. Asked whether his “close ties with Gigi Becali” could damage his image, he replied: “Before being elected by Bucharesters I was a lawyer and you know very well – maybe you had problems at home too – that a lawyer, a priest and a doctor always go where called.”

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