Romanian production “Billion Star Hotel” grabs best feature film Mindie 2016 award

Romanian production “Billion Star Hotel,” the first feature film to be made in Targu Mures, has won the best feature film award of the Mindie – Miami Independent Film Festival 2016, producer Ovidiu Vasu told Agerpres on Thursday.

Vasu said “Billion Star Hotel” was the October 2015 best feature film winner of the Miami Independent Film Festival having joined the June 2016 final along with 11 other month winners of the June 2015 – June 2016 interval.

“‘Billion Star Hotel’ was the winner of the best feature film of October 2015, which qualified us for the annual competition along with 11 other films. The Miami Independent Film Festival is a year-long festival where each month a winner is selected. On June 26, at an award ceremony, ‘Billion Star Hotel’ was awarded the best feature film of the year 2016 award by an international jury, which means we won the final. The Miami Independent Film Festival was held as part of the Film Month in Miami, US, under the aegis of the New York Film Academy,” said Vasu.

He said he attended a June 25 official screening of “Billion Star Hotel” at the Miami Independent Film Festival alongside film director Alecs Nastoiu, financer Sebastian Calugar, co-writer Alexandra Pater and actress Luisa Vasu.

Ovidiu Vasu added that between June 2015 – June 2016, 962 films from 64 countries competed for Mindie awards.


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