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June 30, 2022

Tariceanu reacts harshly to the DNA action to send him to trial, accuses “a plan of Iohannis and the occult laboratories in order to destroy him politically”

President of the Senate, Calin Popescu Tariceanu reacts harshly against the National Anticorruption Directorate to send him to trial on charges for committing crimes of perjury and favoring the perpetrator in the “Restitutions” case! The head of the Senate expresses his belief that after PNL has lost the local elections, “a series of occult forces” have created a state of high alert and they have hatched a plan to remove all the political opponents of the Liberals, of the “technocrats” and also of the leader from Cotroceni. In this regard, Tariceanu claims that the President of Romania, Klaus Werner Iohannis, “his Government” and “the occult laboratoires” which they hold and “in which are devised arrangements to keep the power by all means, gave up appearances and directly took over the initiative basis on a force plan”. And political destruction of one of the most vocal criticists of the National Anticorruption Directorate’s activity, namely Calin Popescu Tariceanu, is part of this plan.

Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s reaction is included in a press release sent directly to Lumeajustitiei.ro and took place shortly after prosecutors announced his sending to trial.

“The despair created by the possibility that PNL could get out of the parliamentary scheme would determine President Iohannis to talk on July 4, 2016, within the meetings he had with the political parties at Cotroceni, about the possibility of creating a national union formed by PSD and PNL”, basis on a country project adopted at Cotroceni under his high patronage”. Or, an obstacle in accomplishing this desiderate would be exactly ALDE, the party founded by Calin Popescu Tariceanu.

Besides, the President of the Senate revealed that “ALDE and me personally are demonized at the order, by the press division controlled by the President and by the binomial for the political-electoral alliance with PSD”, the alliance that spoils Iohannis’s planes.

Calin Popescu Tariceanu also presented a dark version on the way Iohannis’s technocrat Government understands to rule this country. The head of the Senate claims that JusMin’s Raluca Pruna’s desire to make an inventory of the SIPA archive before destroying it is not accidental.

We further present Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s position on the DNA action:

“The perspective of a defeated NL at the parliamentary elections in autumn, which takes shape more and more clear following the failure registered by this party on the occasion of the local elections, highly alerted a series of occult forces. Being obvious that PNL has the worst management ever, the President of Romania, “his Government” and the occult laboratories, in which there are devised arrangements to keep the power by all means, gave up to appearances and they directly took over the initiative basis on a force plan. This plan aims to impose a Government in the future from which PNL must not be missing, regardless of the elections’ result, so that the paradigm of “my Government” will continue to be working. What if Dragnea doesn’t want a national union Government? There’s no problem. What for do we have an independent Justice? What if Tariceanu doesn’t want a national union? There’s no problem. What for do we have DNA? And, generally speaking, is there anybody staying against us? There’s no problem. “There is no innocent person, but persons of whom we didn’t take care enough”.

This Stalinist slogan finds its old brilliance in the above mentioned plan, under the direct care of “my Government”. The lady who is Minister of Justice wants to make an inventory of the SIPA archive, and then to destroy it. If she wants to destroy it anyway, the inventory seems to be useless, but yet it isn’t. SIPA archive contains potentially compromising information against some magistrates, and they could cooperate more enthusiastically in various political trials expected before the elections.

“My Government” has also took out from the trash-bin of the history the practice of the former Intelligence Service (Securitate) which had a CI (counterintelligence officer) in each socialist enterprise. Now, we’ll not have counterintelligence officers anymore, but mini-DNA in each ministry for encouraging the official denouncement favoring the discouragement of any ministerial activity.

We have to mention that strengthening the force institutions in preparing the elections is the great success of “my Government”, but not the only concern he is proud of. Despite the fact that it has a limited mandate in time and that it’s tolerated only for stability reasons, the current “my Government” designs great useless plans on medium and long term, while it neglects a part of its attributions, which pulls back the economy.

The official inauguration of the force plane started on Monday, July 4, when the leaders of the parliamentary parties were invited at Cotroceni for consultations on foreign policy matters, which actually proved to be the pretext behind which President Iohannis suggested that after elections Romania should be led by a national union Government formed by PSD and PNL, basis on a new country project adopted at Cotroceni under his high patronage. The despair caused by the perspective of losing the elections is so high that Mr. President has reached the paradox of denying his own theses, his entire activity since he took over his mandate. Mr. Iohannis words: “We need a new country project, a project for Romania…”, give birth to a legitimate and logical question. But what happened with the programme “Romania of the well-done thing” (“Romania lucrului bine facut”) with which you have attended in the presidential elections? Was it finalized? If the answer is “YES”, we assure Mr. President that this answer is far from being true.  Or maybe Mr. President has decided to admit that the programme of “Romania of the well-done thing” and things that followed were only electoral theatrical props that fooled a lot of people”.

Since Monday, PSD-PNL alliance is not causing so much repulsion, is not toxic at all, but it’s even healthy for Romania’s prosperous future. This is what Mr. President Iohannis suggest us these days.

Since a long while, ALDE and me personally are demonized at order by the press division controlled by the Presidency and the binomial, because of the political and electoral alliance with PSD. We have answered each time that this alliance is perfectly legitimated by the vote given to USL by an overwhelming majority in 2012 and by the good results of our joint Government. But we cannot say the same about the leadership of the old PNL who betrayed its voters by joining PDL. Basescu’s people from PM and those who are covered in PNL have divided because of Elena Udrea and not because of a different political view, and their political philosophy has become prevailing in the new PNL. Behold, after launching the idea of a national union Government, PNL’s approach to PSD is not so objectionable in the press division’s accounts, but in fact it’s even desirable. I am sure that this is not the “new way of making politics” expected by the citizens and promised by Mr. Iohannis.

Finalizing a country program on a medium term under the Presidency’s patronage, having in principle the political support of all the political forces is an initiative which, theoretically speaking, deserves all the attention and support. In fact, such a project cannot be accomplished, especially in an electoral year, when the competition between parties is based on different political programs. Mr. President know this for sure, but the suggested country project is the only pretext on which the idea of a national union Government formed by PSD and PNL relies.

I wished to bring to public attention the way in which all these issues are perceived by ALDE and at the same time I would like to reiterate the consistency of our party’s political direction. We had and we continue to have a good cooperation with PSD in territory, with its parliamentary groups and with its legitimate leadership. Our honest and loyal cooperation in time strengthened the trust and the mutual respect to the personal level, with positive echoes inside our parties and at the large mass of the voters. This didn’t mean and will not mean that we could ever abandon our Liberal doctrine and identity, a reality confirming us as being the only party representing the Liberal electorate within the Romanian Parliament”, is mentioned in the press release issued by Calin Popescu Tariceanu.


DNA’s indictment: Calin Popescu Tariceanu lied. Tal Silberstein visited him at the Government


On Friday, the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) published the grounds on which Calin Popescu Tariceanu was sent to trial on Thursday. Prosecutors say that Tal Silberstein visited the former PM at the Government.

According to the prosecutors, the often visits of the Israeli citizen, who was a consultant for the party led by Calin Popescu Tariceanu, namely PNL, at that time, while the latter was also PM, are grounded on the influence that Tal Silberstein used to convince Paul of Romania to gve him money in order to obtain the restitution of the Snagov Forest and of the Baneasa farm on his name.

Regarding other statements made by Calin Popescu Tariceanu at DNA at that time, prosecutors say that there are also other witnesses contradicting the current President of the Senate.

On Thursday, Calin Popescu Tariceanu was sent to trial at large, for perjury and favoring the perpetrator in the case of the Snagov Forrest and Baneasa Farm.

According to the anticorruption prosecutors, Calin Popescu Tariceanu lied in a statement issued as a witness in front of the prosecutors, related to the way in which the restitution of an area within the Snagov Forest and Baneasa Farm was made.

Also, according to the prosecutors, Calin Popescu Tariceanu falsely stated that he doesn’t know anything about the Israeli citizens’ involvement into the restitution procedures.


The Snagov Forrest – Baneasa Farm case


In the case of the Banesa Farm and Snagov Forrest restitution, the DNA Brasov prosecutors have sent to trial a number of 21 persons. Paul of Romania opens the list of the accused, as a direct beneficiary of the lands, whose value exceeds EUR 145 million, according to the prosecutors.

Remus Truica, a businessman having important political connections, as prosecutors describe him, had the biggest profit, after convincing Paul of Romania to cede 80 percent of all he will acquire in the restitution procedures, as a reward for influencing the decisive factors.

Dan Andronic is also judged in this case for making Media pressures in the interest of the group. Billionaire Benjamin Steinmetz will be judged in absentia, being the main funder.

Israeli citizen and Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s former counselor Tal Silberstein could also have had an important role in this group.




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