Permanent Electoral Authority: 2,299 voters in electoral register

A number of 2,299 Romanian voters domiciled or residing abroad requested until Monday to be enrolled on the electoral register, with 1,717 of these having mentioned the option to vote by correspondence, and 582 – to vote in polling stations, the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) informs.

According to a release for Agerpres, the AEP appeals to the Romanian citizens abroad to address to diplomatic missions and consular offices in order to submit the documents required for enrollment in the electoral registrer with the option to vote by correspondence or at a polling station near their domicile.

According to Law no. 208/2015 regarding the election of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organizes parliamentary elections abroad.

According to the AEP, there are 1,717 applications for voting by correspondence, the most are in Spain – 631 and in Italy – 451.

The number of requests to vote in polling stations has reached 582. Most are in Spain – 223, Moldova – 116 and Italy – 72.

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