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May 20, 2022

PMP to merge with UNPR

PMP President Traian Basescu and UNPR President Valeriu Steriu have decided to merge their two parties. Thus, PMP and UNPR will run on a single party ticket in next autumn’s parliamentary elections.

The two parties will be equally represented in the new political party’s leadership structures, structures that the old UNPR and the old PMP will form on the basis of a 1:1 principle.

“There will be a merger, next week each of the party will hold merger meetings,” Traian Basescu said at a press conference in which the merger was announced. He pointed out that the vote in favour of the merger was unanimous and that he and Steriu signed the agreement.

Basescu explained that the party will be called the Popular Movement Party, that it will maintain its symbols and anthem and that the party offices will be distributed equally.

“The analysis we have been carrying out for 2 weeks shows that where PMP is weaker UNPR is stronger and where UNPR is weaker PMP is stronger. So there will be a 50/50 distribution,” Basescu added.

In his turn, Steriu said that UNPR backed an alliance policy from the start and that in this way it wants to form an alternative to PSD and PNL.

“We hope that we will offer a future to those who have voted for us in the local elections. There are many Romanians who want to elect something other than PSD or PNL and together we can offer the alternative,” he said, adding that he is convinced that the path that will be taken “will offer a lot of confidence.”

UNPR recently tried to reach an agreement with PSD and PNL because it cannot enter Parliament on its own. The negotiations failed to generate the expected results for Steriu’s party.

On the other hand, Traian Basescu’s party needs to round off its party branches throughout the country.

Feelers between PMP and UNPR started as early as September 2015, back when Traian Basescu and former UNPR President Gabriel Oprea, Deputy Premier at the time, had a discrete discussion that caught the public opinion by surprise.

“PNL was blamed for around two weeks’ time for a merger with UNPR, which was just an exotic hypothesis that would undoubtedly have been absurd. In fact, PMP is the party that negotiated with UNPR – and the merger will be announced in the shortest of times,” Ovidiu Raetchi wrote on Facebook before the official announcement was made.

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