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August 15, 2022

PSD’s Dragnea: If any Gov’t piece of legislation endangers strategic interests, we’ll table censure motion

The Dacian Ciolos Government could face a censure motion if it tries to privatise strategic state-owned companies. The statement was made by PSD President Liviu Dragnea in a talk-show. The Social Democrat leader’s statement comes against the backdrop in which several PSD lawmakers have drafted a law which stipulates that privatisations should be blocked in the next five years and assets obtained through fraudulent privatisations should be returned in full. The draft law is enjoying the PSD President’s backing too.

National leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea on Sunday said that if the Ciolos Cabinet intended to sell any company from Romania’s strategic areas, PSD would convene an urgent meeting of Parliament to call for a no-confidence vote.

“First of all, the Ciolos Cabinet has no legitimacy as a caretaker government to sell the slightest piece of Romania. That would be a no brainer. In order to be allowed to sell something in Romania you nevertheless have to be backed by legitimate support, popular support, and come up with serious arguments for anything to leave Romania. Besides, that is a strategic area. In our government programme we say clearly: take it easy with privatisations for the sake of privatisation. If a company has bitten the dust and the government can no longer make it profitable, it can be turned private, but there is no reason for us to sell strategic companies turning out huge profits. I believe that if the incumbent government tried to do so, we could convene an extraordinary session for a no-confidence vote,” Dragnea told Romania TV private broadcaster on Sunday in reply to the Ciolos Cabinet’s purported intention to sell some of Romania’s salt mines.

He added that if any Government’s piece of legislation were to endanger national security and strategic interests, then PSD would table a motion of censure, which could trigger snap elections.

“When they [the government] came before Parliament to ask for support, they mentioned no privatisations. They said they would be doing good things, that they would be making things efficient where there was a need for efficiency and that they have a good relationship with Parliament. They have failed to do any of that, and now they want to do a third thing, like selling,’ said Dragnea.


Clotilde Armand: If he had a shred of decency Liviu Dragnea would step down


After PSD President Liviu Dragnea called into question the activity of Premier Dacian Ciolos, local councillor Clotilde Armand harshly criticised the Social Democrat on Facebook. Clotilde Armand pointed out that she does not understand “what Liviu Dragnea is still doing in public life” after he was convicted in the Referendum Case and that if he had “a shred of decency” he would step down from the helm of PSD.

Clotilde Armand pointed out that Liviu Dragnea is in no position to criticise Dacian Ciolos since he has received a final conviction in the Referendum Case and is being criminally probed in a different case.

“I understand Mr. Liviu Dragnea is criticising Dacian Ciolos for the quality of governance and for the way in which he formed his team. What I don’t understand however is what is Mr. Dragnea still doing in public life after he was convicted for having committed electoral fraud during the 2012 referendum and is being criminally probed in a new case, for malfeasance in office and instigating forgery because he allegedly used public funds to pay PSD employees. This is inadmissible in a democratic country member of the European Union,” Clotilde Armand wrote on Facebook.

Likewise, Save Bucharest Union’s (USB) local councillor wrote that Liviu Dragnea should step down as leader of PSD “if he had a shred of decency.”

Clotilde Armand also pointed out that Teleorman is one of the poorest counties in Romania, after 16 years in which it was led by PSD.

“If he had a shred of decency, Mr. Dragnea should step down from the helm of PSD and should stop giving good governance lectures to Dacian Ciolos, who is probably the most honest, competent and well-meaning Prime Minister that Romania has had in the last 25 years. Mr. Dragnea is a Teleorman landlord who has the pretension to lead the country’s largest “left-wing” party and who imagines himself Romania’s Premier if not President. Proof of his administrative skills is the fact that Teleorman County remains among the poorest counties in Romania, after 16 years of uninterrupted PSD leadership, of which 12 years saw Mr. Dragnea as chairman of the county council. In contrast, during this period Mr. Dragnea became one of Romania’s richest politicians. Of course, I don’t doubt Mr. Dragnea gained his wealth from his public sector salary,” Clotilde Armand wrote.

The USB councillor emphasised that a vote for the Save Bucharest/Romania Union in the autumn’s elections “will at the same time mean a vote for the disappearance from public life of sinister characters such as Liviu Dragnea.”

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