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September 22, 2020

Revolting situations continue in healthcare system: Larvae found on patient who subsequently died at the Burn Hospital in Bucharest

A man hospitalised at the Burn Hospital in Bucharest, who had been filmed having fly larvae on his body, has died. The authorities’ answer is just as mind-boggling: it’s not the only case.

‘Gazeta Sporturilor’ daily published on Thursday a video recording which shows a patient with fly larvae on his body. The recording shows maggots, most likely fly larvae, on the patient’s neck. The patient was hospitalised within the hospital’s intensive care ward.

The video was leaked by a hospital medic that thus wanted to send a warning signal. “Broadcast this video because the Burn Hospital has ended up killing people,” the medic’s comments read. “There is another identical case, however we only managed to film this one. These are people hospitalised 10-11 days ago. They were brought straight to us. Since the ward is full of flies, what is seen on the video are most likely fly larvae,” the medic told the aforementioned source.

“What is the point hiding the facts? What is worse: to show this or for the patients and for us, those who know, to endure this?! These are the conditions in which patients are treated in this hospital! And they have to be changed!” the medic added.


 Spokesperson: He didn’t die because of the larvae


Hospital spokesperson Dr. Adrian Stanculea suggested that this is not the single case in our healthcare system.

“The patient has died, but not because of the larvae. Those larvae do not kill him. That doesn’t mean we let them sit on the patient,” Stanculea said on Antena 3. The medic who leaked the video explained that the hospital is in a very serious condition, adding that he has tried to ask for the authorities’ help. Stanculea on the other hand pointed out that he is not trying to defend the hospital’s management since he represents the people working in the hospital, not the hospital’s managers.

“You showed a video sent by one of our colleagues, but did you ask yourselves whether there are similar cases in the country or in Bucharest?” Adrian Stanculea added. He complained that the hospital has recently been the target of a denigration campaign, referring to another revolting case that took place recently, a case in which a woman died a week after she was incorrectly given a blood transfusion. The hospital manager resigned after that case became public however Stanculea said that the woman allegedly did not die because of the blood transfusion. “You have stigmatized the hospital. The transfusion, the larvae, being an infectious bomb… You forget about all the people working here. Do we close the hospital because we don’t have air conditioning? Of course. We’ll close it and we’ll invite you to wash the patients. I cannot fix the air conditioning, I cannot fit the wards with sliding doors,” he added.

The Burn Hospital spokesperson went on to say that the medics there cannot refuse patients because the latter cannot be sent elsewhere and that is why there is overcrowding.

Asked who will take the blame for the situation that the press revealed, Dr. Stanculea said that it would be very easy for him to resign but a resignation would not solve anything. He reminded that the hospital’s manager resigned recently and now the hospital has an acting leadership.


 Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu: On three occasions we took into account closing the hospital


On Thursday, at a press conference, Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu commented on the serious situation registered at the Burn Hospital in Bucharest, claiming that on three occasions he wanted to close the hospital but had no way of doing so. “Let me start by telling you how much I regret the situation of the Burn Hospital patient. This conference is about the Burn Hospital, which is in a very serious situation and not since recently. We have known it at least since Colectiv, in November I was there as a volunteer. In the last two months we’ve had several crisis situations: Valea Cascadelor, the blood transfusion case, this case… (…) The only reasonable measure I took into account on several occasions was the closing down of the hospital and the transfer of its activity to another unit. I took this measure into account on three occasions. Last week I had a meeting with the managers of the hospitals that can admit patients with serious burns, but the conclusion we reached was that we cannot close down the entire hospital. What we did was to suspend the activity of the Transfusions Unit,” Vlad Voiculescu stated.

The minister said that he went to the hospital and saw the conditions there during the weekend that followed the Valea Cascadelor explosion too. He pointed out that one of his aides, Dr. Catalin Cristoveanu, and two nurses from the Marie Curie Hospital spent an entire night at the hospital, as volunteers, in order to help the medics but also to present him a report.

“The report shows a situation that is no less grave than what you have seen this morning. Apart from the management problems, it has to be said that it is unacceptable for us not to have learned anything six months after Colectiv. (…) The situation is the result of a lack of vision, of action in this hospital. Nobody has done anything significant for this hospital,” Vlad Voiculescu pointed out.

The minister wanted to assure everyone that those guilty for the situation will be held accountable.

“The guilty will be held accountable. The Bucharest Police is already there. We cannot blame the entire medical staff. It’s the only hospital where we have great burn specialists. They cannot be blamed en masse. As long as you don’t have an air conditioning system, as long as you have windows without insect screens and you have flies, you have a major problem,” he continued.

Asked what would happen if an explosion was to cause a high number of casualties in Romania, the minister unhesitatingly answered: “We would send them directly abroad. We lack the capacity. If there are an extra five patients we as a country have a grave situation.”


 Prosecutors open criminal probe


Bucharest Court prosecutors have opened a criminal probe into the suspicious death of the Bucharest Burn Hospital patient who had a wound infested with maggots. The criminal case file was opened at the Bucharest Court’s Prosecutor’s Office and Bucharest Police Homicide Squad officers will be delegated to conduct hearings.


Bucharest District 1 Mayor: There are funds for upgrade

Bucharest District 1 Mayor Dan Tudorache says that in 2013 the leadership of the Burn Hospital asked the mayoralty to buy an air conditioning unit for the intensive care ward but subsequently the hospital no longer pointed out the type of air conditioning unit desired, the procurement no longer going ahead as a result.

“We have the funds, we are willing to do rehabilitation works, but they should tell us what they need. The District 1 Mayoralty is fully available,” District 1 Mayor Dan Tudorache stated for news.ro.

The building in which the Burn Hospital operates is owned by the District 1 Mayoralty. According to a framework agreement, at the request of the hospital’s leadership the mayoralty takes care of everything related to building maintenance and upgrade works.


Ombudsman conducts inquiry into two cases at Burn Hospital in Bucharest


The Ombudsman proceeded ex officio and is conducting an inquiry regarding the situation at the Burn Hospital in Bucharest, where a patient has allegedly died from a wrong blood transfusion and another patient was photographed with a wound invaded by worms.

“The investigation focuses on possible breaches of art. 22 and art. 34 of the Romanian Constitution concerning the right to life and physical and psychological integrity and the right to health protection,” reads an Ombudsman release.




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